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Weekend Style Crush: Nude Trench Coat

June 11, 2016

This weekend happens to be exceptionally cold in the Cape – possibly the coldest it’s been since the temperature started to drop in April. Apparently, I hear, it is snowing somewhere on the mountains and all I can think of is snuggling up in bed with a Sylvia Day novel and hot chocolate. Unfortunately this is not immediately possible for me, because well, I’m a mom. So to keep me warm during my rush from one kiddie activity to the next, the mall, work and dates with my man, is my new found love the trench.

A few weeks ago someone told me my nude trench I was wearing that day, makes me look extra hot. Which I thought was great because this is exactly the objective I was going for when I bought it. However, this was not the “hot” he was referring to. It apparently made him think of a femme fetale showing up at his hotel room with nothing on but a nude trench coat. This got me laughing out loud, but then it also made me think about the sexy connotation the trench coat possess. It automatically by definition brings a fierceness to any outfit.

The origin of the trench coat dates back to the first world war and was primarily worn by the highest ranked military officials. Since then it’s become a fashion staple and will most likely remain a classic piece in many a closet for all time.

The online fashion outlet Superbalist has them in all shapes and sizes, colours and prices. However, this is but one of many stores around the country currently stocking these gems. You can basically get them everywhere. Whatever your budget, it is definitely worth the investment, simply because it goes with absolutely everything and can be worn for every occasion. I have included below my favourite looks and I know they will inspire you too!

Nude trench with Nude heels (and chunky scarf)

Trench Coat with Printed scarf

With my ultimate favourite ripped boyfriend jeans




Mini dress and boots

Trench and short dress and boots

Or shorts

Trench and shorts

With ballet flats (Or pumps as we call it in the Cape) 

Trench and pumps

Or pair your trench with designer flip flops!

White Michael Kors Slippers

And to drive the point home that your trench really can be worn with just about ANYTHING, look at this…

Funny trench pic


Proof that the trench coat secretly has super beautifying powers. Have fun playing around with all the different styles and post your pics to our facebook page to keep the rest of us fabmoms inspired.

Yours in fashion!


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