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Tsunami of Kindness Sweeps over Cape Town

June 5, 2016

Moms are just extraordinary beings!

We truly are the epitome of love and generosity and just when we think all is lost, one mom, Nadine van der Westhuisen from the South Peninsula moms facebook group post that she would like to #payitforward to a deserving mom to get a cut and blow-dry at a salon.

Not long after her random act of kindness, wave upon wave of kind offers swept over the tiny fishing community of fishhoek, and by the end of the day more than 220 moms had offered to pay it forward to other deserving families in the South.

This all started at the beginning of June and as a mom myself, I feel immensely proud of the fishhoek moms and community. I am thrilled to have a part in spreading the message of paying it forward, albeit small,  and share it with communities all around the country and world. How wonderful if we all decided to become involved in any way we are able to.

The #Payitforward initiative encourage all small businesses and moms to give away their services free to enhance  community spirit and uplift each other. They offer something free to anyone in need. All that is required is that you put your name up and someone gets a freebie – who doesn’t love those! It can be anything from a massage, dinner, weekend away, photo shoot etcetera.

All freely given because we care.



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