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The most fabulous moms are readers

September 11, 2016

How did I even miss national book reading week this year? Answer: most likely because every week is national book reading week in my head.

Not only is the very important activity of reading celebrated by myself since…forever, but the literature bug seems to have also bitten my kids.

Jada’s been asking me to take her to the library ever since she could say the word library. We finally collected her first ever library card just the other day. I haven’t been to one since high school and as soon as we entered the building I was overcome with nostalgia as the sweet sound of silence and the familiar smell of books hit me smack in the face. I’ve forgotten how much I used to love that place. I can only hope J will be as happy there as I was.

Growing up around books has no doubt given me a profound appreciation for reading and is the reason I am always starving for knowledge, am so curious and always want to know more.

Although sadly, my passion for reading has been somewhat pushed aside the last few years because of well…motherhood, I still find myself unable to resist a good book or to pass the bookstore without literally drooling. My addiction can easily be compared to that of a shoe addict, only my weakness (or strength) is books and never goes out of style.

I feel horrible for not always having the time nor energy to read to my kids at bedtime. But if I can’t, you can be damn sure my husband will. And he doesn’t even like to read. Whether or not we love to read, its vital that we make time to read to our kids.

According to the Book Development Council of South Africa, reading statistics show that only 14% of the South African population are active book readers, and a mere 5% of parents read to their children.

Now, I could preach to you about all the benefits reading to your kids have, but I know that’s not necessary. Also, this is not a parenting blog. I’m not telling you how to raise your kids; you’re already doing a great job by doing the best you can. This is however a blog aimed at fabulous moms; and I firmly believe the most fabulous moms not only read to their children at bedtime, but are readers themselves.

Reading starts with us. So I challenge you today to get yourself a book, find a quiet place in a sunlit room in your house while the kids are watching cartoons; or under a tree while they play in the park; or go to the library – I guarantee you will love it and you’ll never want to stop. There really is no better escape from all the crazy in our lives.

We don’t have to love to read, to raise  kids who love to read, but it sure makes the journey a more pleasant one.

I’m currently reading “Everything I never told you” by Celeste Ng and am torn between finishing this book that I cannot seem to put down; completing my portfolio exam that must be in by next week; and being an ever-present parent. I can tell you this, I am still alive. It can be done. I’ll put up my review soon!



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