The caged bird sings of freedom…

May 29, 2014


And free she finally is. She was a mom too, so it’s only fair and right that Dr. Maya Angelou gets a Fabmom stamp of approval – along with her many other accomplishments. How proud she would be right now! 🙂

She was indeed an inspiration to the world and her work and life will live on in and continue to heal many others for a long time still. First it was our beloved Nelson Mandela, now Maya. We are losing way too many genuinely good and pure hearted people in a time when we need so much more of them. God must be rounding up His team of angels in heaven, for when it’s your and my time to join Them.

RIP Dr. Maya Angelou. Until we meet again, may the caged bird be free and continue her song.



We Love You!
Fabmom xoxo

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