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Planning a disco party for a 7 year old

July 2, 2017

It’s mesmerizing to watch our children grow up. Beautiful and mind boggling at the same time. Like a time lapse video flashing before our eyes.

Birthdays, in particular, remind us of this. The first few years your ears are ringing with Barney’s “I love you”, and planning birthday parties consist mainly of you running around looking for princesses and car-themed decorations. Which all seem very stressful and maybe even a little unnecessary at the time, but if I could give new moms any advice, I’d tell you to enjoy every second of it because all that innocence only lasts for a horrifyingly short number of years.

And before you know it, princesses and frilly dresses are no longer the order of the day.

I remember asking Jada at the start of the year what theme she had in mind for her 7th birthday party. Usually, by this time each year, I have a pretty good idea towards which princess her interests are leaning. I was sure it’s Moana as I remembered my baby girl walking out of the cinema, not that long before, crying because she wanted to go to an island just like Moana’s. So you can imagine my confusion when she announced she wanted a disco party!

And just like that, frilly dresses turned into sequined tops and boots exactly like the ones the character Félicie wears in the movie Ballerina. (Obviously, duh!)

Looking for a DJ is really not as easy as you may think when you’re looking for one especially good entertaining the small crowd. I was lucky to find DJ Stevie D from Party Pro who thankfully provided everything I needed and more, and at the right price! Events coordinator, Fareed, kept in touch with me and my husband throughout the month prior to the party, which showed true professionalism and gave me peace of mind. There was always a new song I had to have added to the list (on Jada’s insistence) and he took the constant badgering like a pro.

With the DJ sorted, we were three-quarters of the way there.

I found almost all the party decorations and props for our upcoming disco party at China town in Canal walk – from the sparkly backdrop that gave us that true disco feel and that you’ll see in the pictures below – to the glow sticks, party glasses, glow paint, table covers, and balloons. It truly is a one-stop shop for cheap stuff (in value and in many instances quality), but a trip that most certainly saved me allot of time and money.

The party turned out to be a huge success and everyone, young and old, had the best time dancing to the cha cha slide and La Macarena and singing karaoke to Justin Bieber. The DJ arrived more than an hour early and did an excellent job keeping the kids entertained.

besides the wonderful memories, we also have many pictures of an unforgettable evening.

Found this very cool “concert ticket” invite on
The cake fit for a disco queen was made by the capable Nanoeschka of unique cakes. Email:
Themed tables, chairs and party boxes from 4 kidz party hire in Brackenfell.

Here’s how it all came together…

Rock on, Fabmom!