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Why moms are just so freaking fabulous

May 24, 2018

I always say it – moms are freaking fabulous! But why do I feel so strongly about this?

If you know a mom or are one yourself,  you know exactly what I mean. Just like anyone else, many of us moms have full time jobs we do not necessarily love, but we stick it out, not only for ourselves, but our families.

Besides our “role” as governess, we have hobbies, dreams, desires that we often sacrifice, not because we lack the ability, but in pursuit of spending more time with our family. We would love to go to the gym every day so we too can look like those perfectly-figured moms we ogle during drop-off at school, but Saturday mornings are just so much better staying in bed with a cup of coffee (and that’s okay!), especially when the kids have been fighting for our attention since 5am. So instead, we give our best attempt at working out at least every other week or so.

Life is BUSY. It’s INSANE! And being a mother is a mammoth task. What really puts moms above the rest, though, and the reason I believe moms are so fabulous, is our innate and superhuman ability to just get shit done! Life throws many things at us, sometimes all at once, and random people constantly ask us how we do it – our answers may vary from vague to in-depth, from surety to uncertainty. The truth is really way beyond our comprehension and the answer is WE JUST DO!

Whoever told you being a mom is easy was lying and needs a good smack, but one thing’s for sure, if ever they should do a test on the ultimate depth of human endurance, motherhood will be the benchmark.

 I often suck at being a mom. Every day I learn something new about myself and it’s not always pretty, but then I remind myself that I am my own person with my own set of attitudes and my actions are not determined by my past or the mistakes of my parents. Think of how the caterpillar one day transforms into the most beautiful butterfly – this is what happens when you become a mom. A brand new you, for a brand new journey ahead. 

So, there are plenty of reasons why I believe moms are fabulous – one is how selfish we sometimes are. We know when to take time out and take care of ourselves, because if we don’t take care of ourselves, how are we going to take care of our children? We often have thriving careers, are students, and are completely aware that our kids are watching our every move so we try really hard to be half-decent humans.

Follow your dreams, mom!

Go on that anticipated holiday…without the kids!

  Go to the gym!

And go have that coffee with the friends you always disappoint with a “next time”!

Keep the spark alive in the bedroom and keep loving hard!

We are fabulous and fearless women. It’s what makes us moms so fabulous. It’s in our DNA. 

Till next time,

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Weekend Style Crush – Mom Jeans

May 19, 2017

At first it may seem tricky getting it right, but mom jeans are actually perfect for many reasons, two of which are, they compliment almost any body type and they are not tight-fitting, in fact the more loose-fitting, all the better!

They are also pretty fun to play with when it comes to styling and are quite forgiving of us moms having to run around with the littlies all day long.

How do you find the perfect pair for you? Make sure it hugs the tummy at the smallest part of the waist and it will flatter any figure. The legs are easy and should be straight-cut and loose fitting.

Here’s an inspiration board I’ve put together for you, and to avoid me getting swamped with emails (I learned the hard way), I’ve also included the links to outlets around South Africa where you could possibly find a mom jeans of your own!




One thing is clear in all these looks – With the right shoe, you can add your touch of magic to any outfit. The challenge is to show off your unique style.


You can find a pair of mom jeans at:





If you know where else we can find mom jeans, please email me or leave a comment 🙂




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My Spring Photoshoot

September 3, 2016

Welcome to Spring all you yummy mummies!

My first real photoshoot! Not the selfie-and-instagram-filter type, but one with a real photographer, beautiful location and poses that would make any supermodel die with envy.

That was me last Sunday. Although it didn’t start out so well. The thought of leaving the house at eight on a Sunday morning, with all three our kids in tow while also running around in heels, filled me with dread the moment Lesley and I came up with the crazy idea. But it was high time for a few quality snaps to finally put a face to my brand. More importantly, I knew you,  my readers, needed to know who it is you are connecting with, and that was enough motivation for me to go through with it all.

Surprisingly the kids were very helpful throughout, and enjoyed helping both model (Mom) and photographer (dad) get the job done. I have learned in my more than six years as a mother that the secret to avoid fussy kids while out and about, is to keep any activity short and sweet, so that’s exactly what we did – we got a few shots we were happy with, quickly wrapped it up and then spent the rest of the morning relaxing at one of our favourite restaurants (review to follow), which happens to also have a kids play park. All this in under three hours. It’s safe to say we make a really mean team, in more ways than one 🙂

Take a look!








unnamed (27)



Jumpsuit: Foschini

Hat: Foschini

Shades: Foschini

Specs: Just Cavalli from Mullers Tygervalley

Eats and Drinks: Dutch Haven Bistro Tygervalley

Location: Bella Rosa


I’m already looking forward to the next shoot, which will most likely include the kids!




Weekend Style Crush: The “Ballerina skirt” AKA The Tulle Skirt

July 8, 2016

Who cares that the tulle skirt has been a popular fashion item for a couple of years now. Some styles are simply here to stay and the tulle skirt has proven to be one of them. If you haven’t already gotten your hands on one of these beauties, then I’m here to remind you exactly why owning one or more can save you from any fashion-malfunction you are most likely to encounter this Winter. Tulle is fun and, by wearing it to any occasion other than a ballet recital or your wedding, tells people around you allot about your spontaneity. What’s more is it promises to bring every one of your drab pieces of clothing currently in your closet back to life.

Wearing your tulle skirt in Summer is pretty easy, but there’s also plenty ways to pull it off  in Winter and NOT look like you’re competing for the lead role in Swan lake.

Cape Town is well-loved for its gorgeous Winter sun, on which days a light and breezy skirt such as the tulle is perfect. Hell it even brightens up the dreary rainy days. It is also a handy accessory for whenever you may need a pick-me-upper or want to show others your fun, flirty and carefree side.

Whether you have tried any of these styles or whether you have been too afraid to take the risk, you have to admit they are pretty darn adorable; and just in case you have forgotten, I am happy to remind you of the best ways to wear your tulle skirt these cold Winter months.

With these beauties being so popular right now, you can easily find them at stores countrywide. Elemental Emporium has them in Black, White, Grey, Mint and Cerise Pink for R560.

Wear this edgy look for a date night with your man 

(Bomber jacket, T-shirt and pumps = simple elegance)

y (5)



Be playful on a day out with your girlfriends by pairing it with stripes





Wedding attire in Winter can be tricky. Pair your tulle skirt with a lace top for the occasion


y (6)

Brighten up the office by wearing your tulle skirt to work and pairing it with fun knits

y (2)


y (3)

Run your errands in style by dressing your tulle skirt down with sneakers and denim


Meri_Wild_Modern_Romantic_Puma_Fenty_01 (1)

Images from, and Pinterest

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It really is easy creating ‘alone time’ with your partner

July 5, 2016

Alone time together. A foreign concept to many a parent. An oxymoron maybe? We are constantly making excuses and arguing that there’s ‘better’ things to do now that we have kids – “Other responsibilities” we so confidently call them. I know, I am guilty of this myself. And even when I’d go out with hubby, we would both feel so bad for leaving the little ones or for shoving what are our responsibilities onto someone else.  

But the truth is, and I have come to appreciate this, our children are not mere responsibilities. Yes, we are responsible for them, but they are not porcelain and will not break if we leave them for a few hours. They are smart and tough and resilient and enjoy a fun sleepover as much as the next kid. Heck, they may even enjoy a  break from their crazy ass parents. So, when we push all the excuses aside and really think about it, the only real obstacle getting in the way of rekindling the spark with our partners, is us.

I have said this before and I will say again and I will probably say it every time, we were partners before we became parents. It wasn’t our kids that brought us together, that made us realise our love for another, that made us see we want to spend the rest of our lives together. It was all us – the easy conversations, the laughter, the sharing of what makes us happy and what makes us sad and the sex. Nurturing our relationship with our partners is what will ultimately carry us through the rest of lives together as great parents.


Here’s a few ideas I’d like to share with you:


  1. My husband and I always make sure the kids go to bed early at night. No later than 8pm. Especially during school nights and also most nights during the school holidays. This way we still get to speak about our day while enjoying our shared obsession together, a hearty cup of coffee. Then, if we are not too tired, we usually end off the night with our fave series, which currently is The Walking Dead.


  1. If you do not have the time or the budget for a holiday, plan to take off from early one Friday every few months for a sleepover at a fancy hotel or bed and breakfast. Then, if needed, head home the Saturday morning. This way you and your love get to catch up – on conversation, sleep and sex – and your parents (or babysitter) only had to watch the kids for a few hours technically.


  1. Also decide to meet your partner for coffee or lunch during work hours whenever possible. If you have a nice boss, maybe ask for an extra lunch hour (or two!) on those days. We are so programmed to run errands for our kids and our home during our free time that we forget our relationship with our partners also requires as much, if not more, attention.


  1. Go gymming together! Ok, I know what you’re thinking – how does this count as ‘alone time,’ there’s like a million other people in the gym. Truth is you can make this time together as special and intimate as any. Instead of going about your own routines, as you’d normally do, decide on which days you’ll rather be doing the same routine together. Whether it is pushing and encouraging each other during a tough cardio workout, helping each other out with the weights or doing a few laps in the pool together. Besides it is medically proven that exercise also sets the foundation for a healthy, happy sex life!


  1. Simply switch off your phones. Have you noticed how much time you spend looking at your mobile screen whenever you Have a moment to yourself? Now imagine spending those few precious moments rubbing your partner’s head or feet. My hubby purs like a kitten whenever I do these for him and at that moment I can do with him just about anything I want. It’s the small things that makes the biggest difference.

I hope you are already busy clearing your schedule to make space for some alone time together.