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2018 Jive Cape Town Comedy Festival

July 14, 2018

Last night was my and Lesley’s first time at the Jive  Cape Town Comedy Festival and what a treat for the tummy muscles!  The annual comedy festival has been running successfully at the Baxter theatre for the last fourteen years and has been a steady platform for many local comedians who went on to become international sensations – including, the now world-famous, Trevor Noah. As you can imagine it was a night full of roaring laughter and a 2.5 hours well spent with the funny man himself, Alan Committie, as the host. No seriously, this dude is funny as hell, and could easily have stolen the whole show if it wasn’t for Rob Van Vuuren’s rant of his first time on the metrofail…I mean metrorail train, or Tats Nkonzo’s recollection of the “tot of bal” game he was taught ( I still have no idea how this game goes because I was laughing too much), or Marc’s usual dramatics on politics and Ashwin Willemse.

Not only is the Comedy Festival worth checking out for its obviously brilliant lineup, but you will also have the opportunity to interact and support the okes over at the Zip Zap Circus, who help, inspired and educate kids from all backgrounds, in the arts. How amazing!  If those are not reasons enough to come out and cheer up your winter blues, you can also look forward to being spoiled with amazing discount vouchers from City Siteseeing and Table Mountain Cableway, so you and your kids can explore Cape Town like tourists, but more affordably. Much, much more affordably! It’s also a great way to make up to your kids for leaving them with grandma while you and hubby went out on a date night to the funny festival!

Needless to say, we had an amazing night of laughter (and good wine and food). I encourage you to go out and support our local and international funny guys and girls. Get your tickets here


Rated PG 13 // 9 July – 5 August // 8pm // R190pp //  Main Rd, Rondebosch, Cape Town


Yours in laughter,


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Easter in Cape Town: Holiday fun with the kids (2018 Update)

March 23, 2015

What a mission putting together this list! Firstly, let me tell you, Cape Town has just about a million and more fun things to do for both young and old, it was near impossible sticking to only five! It was, however, a ton of fun and in the end, I sifted through the hordes and settled on the activities that are sure not to break your bank. In fact for some, you will pay as little as NOTHING!


1. What’s all happening at the V&A Waterfront this Easter holiday?

Starting 29 March to 9 April, the Waterfront will be the place to be with the family! Here’s a quick summary of the lineup:

Paw Patrol and Toy Kingdon

Paw Patrol and Toy Kingdom’s Stay Safe initiative will teach pre-schoolers to explore their surroundings safely, with helpful tips that will keep them out of danger. Receive a booklet that teaches youngsters about road safety, and as they complete each activity they receive a sticker. When all activities are complete, they receive a special safety certificate.

When: Thursday 29 March to Sunday 1 April, 9am to 6pm

Where: Centre Court, Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre

Easter Toy Parade at the Artjamming and Toy Kingdom stores

Every day colourful toy characters will line up for the 11.30am Toy Parade in the form of a flash mob dance, and children of all ages are welcome to join them. Both stores will greet young visitors with balloons and bubbles, as well as “egg-straordinary” special offers for Build a Bear sessions.

When:   29 March to 8 April, 11.30am daily

Where: Toy Kingdom and Artjamming, Breakwater

Easter Creature Feature

Come and marvel at the sharks of the Predator Exhibit while learning more about South Africa’s incredible coastline and its animals, from in-house experts who know how to have fun and keep you entertained.

When: 31 March till 9 April, 4pm daily

Where: Two Oceans Aquarium

As per usual, free arts and crafts and thrice-daily puppet shows for little ones, two penguin feeding events and two feeding times at the I&J Ocean Exhibit – complete with talking scuba diver – are part of your Aquarium experience throughout the day. Ticket information available here

Harbour and canal cruises

Hop on the V@A Waterfront Harbour cruise or the Canal Cruise with City Sightseeing. Each tour includes commentary with a special dedicated kid’s channel.

When: 31 March – 9 April, every 30 minutes from 9am

Where: Outside the Two Oceans Aquarium, V&A Waterfront

Cost: Adults R50, Children R30

Meet the Easter Bunny

Be entertained by this colourful character and could be in line to receive free prizes and sweet giveaways. They will also be kept fit with ‘hip hopping’ dancing, egg-xersize bunny yoga and games of pinning the tail on the bunny.

When:  31 March to 7 April,  11am to 5pm

Where: Amphitheatre


2. Eggsperiment with Science at Willowbrige Mall

Image from


Junior or 3-6 year olds: Includes five experiments.  Dry ice, smoke bubbles, make your own sherbet, catch a bubble and helium foam balloons. All equipment provided including lab aprons and the remainder of sherbet kit to take home.

Senior or 7-12 year olds: Each participant will receive a take-home DIY science kit which includes three experiments. Screaming jelly babies, make your own sherbet, dry ice, smoke bubbles, smoking lava lamp. All equipment provided including lab coats.

Session 1 : 10h00
Session 2 : 11h30
Session 3 : 13h30

All sessions are facilitated by creative scientists.

 Book your tickets here


3. Artscape Theatre

Come help the kind and thoughtful Grey rabbit save his conceited friend the Hare, and his proud friend the Squirrel from the clutched of the weasel.

When: 29 March to 9 April, 10:30 am daily

Book your tickets here


4. Cape Gate Easter Corner

If you are on the far North of Cape Town, then Cape Gate promises to keep your little ones entertained with daily Peter Rabbit story time & activities, Face painting, Biscuit decorating,  Paper plate crafting and so much more.

When: 29 March to 8 April,

Where: Centre Court Cape Gate Shopping Centre

Cost: R50


11h00 | 13h00 | 15h00 | 17h00


5. Egg-zitement at Bugz Playpark

It’s the 6th Easter Egg Hunt hosted by Bugz Playpark just for the kids. This event is SUPER popular. Make sure you arrive early enough to make it through the gates.

When: 2 April, 11:30 to 14:00

Where: Bugz Playpark

Cost: Tickets available at the gate. R50 for adults, R35 for pensioners, R60 for kids and R120 VIP full rider package includes the famous Easter Egg Hunt.

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Have a safe and fun holiday with the little ones!




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Amazon Family Fun Day @ Ratanga!

March 17, 2015

We decided to take the kids along on Amazon’s annual family day at Ratanga Junction on Sunday, and since I haven’t been there in nearly ten years, I was quite looking forward to it. The theme park has been an integral part of the city’s culture for 17 years, so you can only imagine my disappointment when I spoke to one of the park marshals and  learned that the park will be closing down in the next 5 years.  Somehow I cannot imagine myself driving down the N1 and not see the infamous Cobra sticking it’s head out above the park’s high walls.

Let’s all challenge ourselves to visit the park more regularly from now on. Maybe, just maybe, it saves our beloved park from closing down for good!

On a lighter note, here are just a few of the pics hubby captured while enjoying a fabulous time with the kiddos. Enjoy 🙂















More pics on my facebook page:

Ratanga Junction Theme Park allows smart shoppers to SWITCH R86 worth of smart shopper points for a R172 Ratanga Junction Theme Park Full Adventurer Ticket – that’s HALF-PRICE!

Fabmom xx