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Weekend Style Crush: The Boyfriend Jeans

March 9, 2015

In Mommydom jeans are slowly fading away and losing out to the more comfortable leggings and tights. I know this because I cannot remember the last time I bought myself a pair of jeans. It simply isn’t comfortable enough anymore for us always-on-the-go moms and there’s just too many other, more comfy, options out there.

I certainly didn’t think I wanted or needed another pair of jeans jeans in my life, until I realized that when my husband and I go on our date nights or when I want to look good for work or at a special occasion with friends and family, I didn’t exactly want to appear so “comfy” and “everyday”. Although I still wanted to FEEL comfy.

So, over the past weekend, with my bestie by my side, we set out to the malls to find me something I could wear to all these occasions and not look like I have to head home to tend to the kids any minute now. Because, let’s face it moms, when we’re out having a good time, we love to feel sexy doing it!

I get that! And so does the boyfriend jeans! As soon as I tried on one of these babies, I instantly fell in love!

Me, trying on boyfriend jeans at Zara, CanalWalk

Me, trying on boyfriend jeans at Zara, CanalWalk

You know the feeling of “I’m never again getting out of this!”, well those were my thoughts. If you only buy one Winter trouser this year, make it the Boyfriend jeans.

Here I’ve summed up in simple fabmom terms, how to easily go about looking and feeling great in your boyfriends 😉

Plain t’s with flats or heels



boyfriend jeanss


Long knits and Kimonos






Short Knits







Ankle Boots and Coats







Sneakers for weekend down-time



So, you see, there’s really no need for anything else but a pair of (or a few) boyfriend jeans.

Keep Styling it Fabmoms xx

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Week-end crush – The trainer

March 27, 2014

Apparently the trainer-trend has been making the rounds for a couple of months now, although clearly not capturing enough attention to make the world (or me) interested. Then, Karl Lagerfeld sends his models down the runway in trainers, paired with £40000 outfits, and suddenly the whole world follows! The Coco Chanel designer never ceases to amaze, and this is one trend I believe will be sticking around for a long time to come.

Thanks to Mr Lagerfeld and his spectacular show at Paris Fashion Week earlier this month, the trainer is no longer only suited for gym or shop wear, but can now be worn with just about anything for any occasion, from smart evening wear to formal work wear. I can almost hear you fabmoms smiling broad with pleasure! Of cause there’s reason to be overjoyed…the cold has finally crept up on us which makes the “trainer trend” perfectly on time. I am definitely swapping my boots for a pair of snazzy trainers this winter 😉

I love it because…

Paired with a long trench, you’re sure to be a hit wherever you go.


zina charkoplia, milan, fashion week, blue coat, adidas, sneakers, saint laurent bag

It is super cute with a skirt and t-shirt


And even works with tulle!!! Love.

I’d say it’s worth stocking up on a pair (or more) of decent trainers, no?