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Our Mexican Date

June 16, 2015

It is rare for both hubby and I to be home on the same day. Even on a national holiday. If he’s not somewhere showing off his charm as photographer , I’m obliged to be at work. So, you can only imagine our elation when we discovered we’ll be spending youth day together at home. It rained cats and dogs. No really, it did.

However, not even the rain could put a damper on our ‘youthful excitement .’

What to do, what to do?

Thankfully it didn’t take much for mom  (hubby’s mom) to agree to watch the kids for a few hours while the two us went out on a date.  Naturally I had no idea what hubby had planned so I simply sat back during our drive there, taking in the beauty of Cape Town as the rain kept on pouring. Simply because it’s so hard to resist, we stopped  at Sea Point where we fell into a heated debate, and couldn’t conclude, whether our city was more beautiful covered in white skies and drenched or blue skies and basking. It was a downright tie. It was beautiful all the same.

We then continued on our journey and arrived at our destination, right on time it seemed. We were greeted warmly by Amanda who appeared to have expected us as we were welcomed  into this authentic, viby Mexican haven. My hubby wasn’t only romantic, he was very sneaky too.

I loved absolutely everything about Mexican on long. I’ve always been a big lover of Mexican cuisine and their  Mexican platter for 2 absolutely blew me away! The musica was playing softly in the back ground, but I could just imagine the whole place come to life at sundown. The interior was definitely the ‘chilli on the nachos’ with its rustic appearance, giving us a true taste of Mexico and  obviously friendly service goes a long long way.

Although it was only the middle of the day, I left Mexican on long with way too much tequila in my system, but it was nothing the cool, breezy, Winter air couldn’t remedy.

It was the most fun I had in a very long time. I would definitely go back again. Maybe this time I’ll put some salsa in my step and experience the cafe’s nightlife.


You find them at: 158 Longstreet, Cape Town, 8000, 021 426 0770 Like them on Facebook Or follow them on Twitter  (Website still under construction)

Hasta la próxima (Until next time!)


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