Never a doll moment!

August 18, 2014

I owned a gazillion of them when  I was growing up – had them in all shapes and sizes and took them along wherever I went. They’d bath me with me,  sleep with me, eat with me (literally!) and if I’d had it my way they’d even go to school with me.  My point, I loved them!! And so does my daughter Jada now and I’m pretty sure her daughter and her daughter’s daughter will be no different. Barbie is definitely here to stay!

In fact, come September 5, a whole range of Barbie apparel (for women! ) is expected to hit forever 21 stores around the world and if you were, like me, completely obsessed with Barbie’s annoyingly always perfect style, you’ll definitely love showing off in these beauties.
I’m not sure who will be more excited to see me rock that gorgeous pink Barbie bikini this Summer – myself or Jada.

Did someone say twinnies!!!?

But whether you’re a Barbie fan or always hated the brat’s guts, with her perfect hair, perfect body, perfect boyfriend, perfect everything!!  You have to admit she’s once again found a way to keep us from ever really growing old.

Here’s a sneak peak of the line, Coming Soon!!







Forever Young!!!


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