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My Winter Must-haves 2013

March 27, 2013
 And so Summer has left us high and dry…or rather cold and wet, with Autumn settling in nicely and Winter fast approaching. Not my favourite seasons of the year, Beautiful indeed, refreshing even… but I’m not really much of an indoors-y kinda gal.

So to make this season more bearable for the forever-on-the-go me and other fashies out there (which is my term for fashion mommies in case you’ve forgotten :)) I have selected some of my favorite Autumn/Winter must-have items, and I’m sharing them with you!

What I love about this year’s trends is that it’s bringing back the classics, and I mean CLASSICS. Last season we got to reinvent trends dating back a few decades – this season the fashion world has taken us back even further into time with trends dating back to the mysterious Medieval times, an era I always wished I experienced myself. So as you can imagine, when these beauties made their way from the runway and into stores all over the country…I made sure to get a few items into my closet!

Spicing these oldies up with a touch of new, here’s my favourite trends this season!

Black and White Checkered patterns

As old as thousands of years, made popular in the Renaissance era as the preferred flooring in ancient Kingdoms, and in recent years walking our runways – the black and white checkered Print has evidently been around for some time and certainly is here to stay…only this time, in our closets.


The ankle boot


 The Stylish handbag



The little black & White Dress

Why not pair them up with some of your favourite brights!

Speaking of Ancient Kingdoms – The dress-coat reminds me of something out of a Marie Antoinette movie and with it’s warm elegance and practicality has won a spot on my list of Winter wonders! This is sure to have anyone wearing one of these, feel like royalty…

The Dress-Coat


Another current Winter favourite of mine and not quite as ancient, is the sassy Peplum! The 1940’s has birthed plenty of beautiful fashion, but the Peplum has got to be my fave right now..

The Peplum

Dressed up


Dressed Down 



 Leathered Up


…and even the Wedding Dress


As always it’s been such a pleasure taking you through my mood board. Hope I have done my bit in helping to make these chilly months ahead, a season you now can look forward to and see it for the beauty it truly posses.

Keep Warm and Wonderful!

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