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July 4, 2016

A projection of the city of Cape Town 2001-2021 estimates that we are heading toward a population consisting of roughly 1,540 million females. Driving anywhere in Cape Town, I think it it is safe to say, a large percentage of this figure is moms and from this percentage I am certain a big part is moms that drive.

If you take a moment to digest that, you will come to the realisation, as I have,  that there sure are a lot of mommies in this City, all with different cultures and backgrounds and sets of attitudes having to share the same roads every single day. The result can almost be compared to locking up a lot of different women in one tiny room. 

You will therefore further rationalise, my fellow Capetownians, that with such a large number of moms traveling our roads at any given time, that our roads should be very safe then, because who doesn’t want to make sure our moms are protected at all cost. Sadly you will be wrong, because our roads are of the deadliest and kids are left motherless with almost every post I read on social media. And that’s ONLY the ones I see in the news and ONLY in Cape Town.

I didn’t have to look up reports to know the amount of female drivers today, compared to earlier years, have increased dramatically. It appears any attempts to keep women (specifically moms) from doing anything they put their minds to, was a complete waste of human history and universal time and in all likelihood made us a little crazy too. Point is, we were never cut out to simply sit back and do nothing.

Do me a favour the next time you’re out driving to wherever you may be heading – look at the cars around you at any time and I can guarantee you at least one of these drivers is a mom. The rest will most likely be women. 

With this in mind, I was quite shocked to learn that Cape Town in fact has the highest road accident reports in SA! It is even more sad considering we live in the Mother City.  If I had to describe the qualities of a mother using only three words, they would be nurturing, patience and kindness. Yet, just a few months ago I read with horror about a woman who was arrested for pulling over another, and in a fit of road rage jabbed her in the eye with a key. If that wasn’t enough, along came former Reddam House tennis coach, 23 year old Talana-Jo Huysamer, and she Tasers Chantlé Hoffmann, 42, with a Taser device and call her the K-word. This all because of a parking space.

Honestly, I don’t know if the offenders were mothers or not. If they are not, they most likely will be. Women, we need to respect other women and should be looking out for one another. Believe me, there will be other parking spaces. And if you’re really lucky, it will be one closer to the entrance.

I beg of you fellow moms, before you say yes to friends for a quick drink after work, or send that innocent text message while in traffic because it is the ‘normal’ thing to do, before we get too comfortable behind the wheel of the “killing machine” we simply refer to as our car, think. Think about the other mom you could potentially take away from her family.

Now, hold on just a minute. I am not saying I am Miss Daisy – not at all. I do however decide to make a conscious decision before I get into my car, and that is to consider the lives of other road users. So forgive me the next time we meet on the freeway and I am driving 120 kph in the fast lane, refusing to move over to the slow lane when you’re driving 200kph on my ass. Let’s be honest, I am actually SAVING your ass. Stick to the speed limit for crying out loud!

It starts with one person. One mom. Your car is a weapon and should be treated with the same sober attitude you would any other loaded weapon.

Always remember that a safety conscious mom is a fabulous mom

(This article was written to moms, but is by no means limited to moms. The rules of the road and basic human decency applies to everyone!)

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