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Mom, I want to be a boss when I grow up!

July 19, 2016

This came from the very mouth of my six year old daughter the other day while sitting on her little plastic chair, in her pajamas, drawing her current fave characters, Topsy and Tim, on a plain white t-shirt with textile pens she got for her birthday in June.

This didn’t surprise me at all as Jada’s “career goals” changes with every new experience. Like the time she wanted to be a “Child doctor” during my obsession with Grey’s anatomy; Or when she befriended the neighbours’ cat and wanted to be a Vet, which only intensified when an “actual real-life vet!” visited her Grade R class.

Then, suddenly, the “medical phase” was over and she wanted to be a teacher like her auntie. Then a model. Then a model AND a doctor.

Of cause I always encourage her vigorous alternating career choices, so while she goes through these phases, I try to keep myself and her informed about the subject as much possible, you know, to answer the million questions that is sure to follow in the months ahead. We will read books on it and google search until we’re blue in the face and the next phase starts.

Most recently Jada’s obsessed with the idea of going to London to meet HRH the queen herself. I know, I’m not sure how I keep up with this child either. This latest obsession has seen us stalking the Queen non-stop (on google) and as a result we pretty much know the entire inside of Buckingham Palace. Of cause, it goes without saying that Jada already has a room reserved for when we visit, which we will, she says.

But, there’s another reason my very ambitious little trooper wants to visit the continent, and that reason is Disneyland in Paris. Yes, just like every other little girl, she wants to meet all the Disney princesses. That’s it. She wants to try on Cinderella’s glass slipper,  she wants to fly the magic carpet with Jasmine and along with many other perfectly planned adventures, she really really really wants to build a snowman with Anna and Elsa.

Needless to say, she has not been taking well to the fact that this magical Kingdom is many thousands of miles away and will cost us many thousands of rands too. So, her determination has naturally taken her on a new career path – starting her own business, becoming her own Boss and in so-doing save up for her trip to Disney and the Queen.

So, while drawing her masterpiece on her plain white t-shirt with her permanent textile markers, she decided she was going to create these crafty, personalised t-shirts for each of her class mates, sell it to them and save her earnings. Within the hour she already had four orders placed (by grandma and Grandpa) and as it is her first day back at school today, I’m sure she’s already pitching the idea to her teacher and mates. I cannot but be positive, with her forward thinking attitude, that her dream will come true sooner than we think.








Here’s a few tips on raising a Kidpreneur:

Allow kids to express their emotions and voice their opinion. It builds resilience.

Let them play and limit their time with mobile devices. Play builds innovation and Creativity.

Give kids chores to do. It teaches responsibility for getting things done.

Encourage kids to explore their interest, hobbies, no matter how esoteric. Take them to activity centers such as the science center, Art classes, the museum, dance etc it teaches curiosity.

Even if it’s not what you would do, encourage your kids to make their own choices and then learn from the consequences. It teaches self-confidence

Encourage them to be open with their emotions. It teaches empathy. 

Cultivate gratitude and encourage positive thinking. It creates optimistic kids.

The best entrepreneurs believe in giving back. Encourage kids to help out around the neighbourhood and lead by example by donating to and helping out at charities.

Read more about teaching your kids Entrepreneurial skills at Entrepreneur.com



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