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Week-end fashion crush – The plain white t

March 20, 2014

This is probably the most understated, overlooked item in your closet at the moment. If you think you do not own a plain (maybe little oversized) white t-shirt, look again, I’m sure it has been lying at the back of your closet, somewhere beneath the other pile of clothes you hardly ever wear. Seriously, go look for it, this could be the trendiest item of all the designer t’s you own (unless they are white).

If you’ve looked and couldn’t find your plain whites, then you should definitely go out and buy a few. They are everywhere, at every price, in every shape and size and can literally be worn with just about anything, to absolutely any occasion! Unless of cause you’re invited by the queen to some fancy ball which, let’s face it, is not likely to happen anytime soon. So until then, go out and rock your plain white T girlfriend! J

Let me give you an idea of the white-t-looks I’m crushing on at the moment. It  can obviously be worn a million other ways too, but these are my favourites. All you need to do is have a little fun with your imagination and sport a touch of confidence.

Paired with leather shorts and heels and aviators, screams timeless and sexy, whether you’re off to work, a party or the beach!
white-t-shirt & leather shorts



The midi skirt oozes with playful sophistication

A plain white t-shirt teamed with my current fave, the tulle midi, is a clever way to make it seem less like an undone wedding gown and more like an easy-going, fit-for-every-occasion look.Perfect for a cocktail party!
images (24)

Sequins gives it more of a night time glamour and is a perfect look for dinner with work colleagues


leather is…well, leather. You simply cannot go wrong with it. And paired with a plain t is an excellent choice for date night or drinks with the girls 😉

Another of my favourites – suited for any season and super comfy, is the maxi.

Dressed down for a day at the mall or a classier look for lunch or dinner, you can easily create the look with your plain white t <3

Be your own personal stylist!
Fabmom xoxo

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