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How to be a fabulous mom, every day.

March 25, 2014

Between being the best mom for our kids, decent wives to our husbands,  semi-okay employees at work, and everything else in-between, it’s crazy to think that we also still need to make ourselves look good.

But the truth is, we really really need to. It’s a simple case of first putting the oxygen mask over your own face before you pursue to help those around you. What us moms fail to remember so many times, is that making sure we look good, ensures we feel good, and this, in turn, helps us be the best person we can be for the important people in our lives.

Just because we are moms and have others depending on us all the time, does not mean we have to stop caring about ourselves. It might not be easy, but it’s most certainly not impossible. Lucky for us fashion and beauty has no age restriction and we ARE super-humans after all. But just how do moms manage to live a fashion forward life?

Here are a few ‘survival” tips I swear by:

1. Groom yourself! Decide on a hairdo that both looks good on you and is easily manageable, then stick to it. Always buy good quality hair and skin products – these usually lasts longer, ultimately saves you money and a lot of damage control in the future. Get a good quality hand and nail cream. Some things are just not worth being compromised.

2. Get a uniform. Buy in bulk, in different colours. Avoid items with labels that says dry clean only and make sure it is of good quality fabric. Find out what style flatters you and stick to as close to that style as possible, Quality over quantity.

3. Be prepared. Think of it as a first aid kit, for fashionable moms on the go! Carry a bag of essentials wherever you go – safety pins, mints, elastic for when you need to tie your hair back, feminine products, pain relievers, plasters or an extra set of clothes. You’d hate to be stuck with a shirt full of ketchup or a blister from the new shoes you just bought.

4. Accept your new life. You’re a mom now. There simply is no need for a dozen sequins tops or sexy dresses nor the time and energy to wear them to wherever they are meant to be worn. Be careful not to purchase that which you do not need. From personal experience I can assure you, you’ll wear it maybe once and then it ends up clogging your closet space. Instead, invest in more items that compliments you and that you can wear with anything almost anywhere.  Also if there’s clothes in your closet that you haven’t worn in a while, chances are you won’t ever. Donate or sell them online.

5. Don’t write off fashion. The whole point of this blog is to make women realise that you can be a mom and fabulous too. You can carry off current trends and still be true to you. Spice up your skinny jeans or leather tights with a denim shirt or chunky sweater for cold days like today. It’s all about knowing what makes you feel most comfortable and then work it with a few fashion forward items.

Long gone are the days when fashion was for the rich and childless only. In fact, the arms of a child around your neck is your greatest accessory.

Stay fabulous. Always.

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