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August 4, 2014

Ah! To be pregnant. Amazing! I’ve been there three times and every time, without fail, it’s been a wonderful journey. Excitement for the new arrival painted all over your glowy face. The pregnancy glow they call it. A time where everyone falls over their feet to be at your service no matter how much you tell them you’re not an invalid and secretly relishing at their insistence.  And that gorgeous baby bump! The only time when having a fat tummy is considered ‘the cutest thing ever!’ If you’re having a fairly easy pregnancy (no sickness, weird cravings, hair loss, severe back pain or swollen ankles) then you’re probably feeling like being pregnant forever. It’s such a magical time,  so natural…                    

Or not, considering how many couples have trouble conceiving.  Good friends of ours have got me thinking about this word allot lately. Infertility.  In-fer-tili-ty. Excuse me while I let it roll over my tongue for a sec. It has caused so many women, couples, so much anguish. Many of whom are dear friends of mine. This pregnancy thing has always been so…natural…for us. I’ve heard people tell me that they are pretty sure if I only sneeze hard enough,  a baby will fall out. of cause I laughed at this,  but I realise what a pain in the butt ‘people like us’ must be to many others struggling with infertility. I sometimes find myself thinking,  now that I’ve had three and not planning on having any more, wouldn’t it be just great if I could give my womb to someone who needs it more. I’m in no way informed or educated enough on the subject to  delve any further,  much less give advice, but I am a friend of people who went to war with this and came out warriors! I may not be a professional on the subject, but I’ve witnessed enough miracles to know you should never lose hope.

I get that it must be hard waiting around for something that may never be, but it must be harder giving up on something you’ve always wanted.


My friend Nerys Harper, endured years of testing, monitoring and procedures, yet today is expecting baby #2!!

Makes me appreciate my little rascals (I’m sure the movie was based on my little ones!) so much more. Enjoy the few snaps of my baby bump with each pregnancy. Parental guidance may be advised. Hehe…



Expecting our first born, Jada, now 4.





Expecting Miguel, now 2




Expecting baby Rafael, turning 1 soon!


Faith Hope Love
Fabmom xoxo

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