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Date Night Movie: Valentine’s Day

February 26, 2015

With the huge assemblance of well-known faces, it’s easy to dismiss this romantic comedy as a shameless rip-off of “Love, Actually” and, to a lesser extent, “He’s Just Not That Into You”, but personally, I see it as more of a companion piece. Mining similar patterns, of interweaving multiple-character plot lines, it might seem clichéd at first, but I found it to be quite surprising at times and highly enjoyable. Is it schmaltzy? Yes. Is it contrived and hokey? I didn’t think so.

Of course, there has to be bits of cheesiness, ‘cos it’s dealing with the subject matter of romance, on the most contrived holiday of all, but the film handled it smoothly I thought. And yes, some of the time, you could see who’d end up with whom, but a lot of the character arcs still managed to go down unpredictable paths.

The performances from the wide array of stars were all impressive, although some were under-utilised, most notably Jessica Alba, Queen Latifah and Patrick Dempsey. But the way the remainder of the cast all managed to click was a testament to these actors and actresses all seemingly having a great time together. The most impressive performers were Jennifer Garner and Jessica Biel, while Anne Hathaway definitely had some of the funniest scenes.

So while the movie is set in only one day, it’s interesting to see who’ll find love, who’ll lose love, and who’ll hold on to their love. Definitely a team effort, I thought the movie worked on every level, and from a guy’s point of view, there are sufficient belly laughs to be had mixed in with the romantic quotient, so it’s certainly a romantic comedy well worth watching.

(5 out of 5, by Carlisle Johnson)

So, to end off the month of love, her’s our fave couples of the movie Valentine’s day.








Who else completely forgot about Taylor Swift’s role in the movie??

Happy date night fabmoms xx



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