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May 28, 2014

Once again our Review expert, Carlisle Johnson, gives us something so unexpected and thrilling that you’d be coo-coo not to see it. Although an oldie, it’s most assuredly a goodie! Here’s what Carlisle has to say about The Reader, without giving away too much. Enjoy!



It’s 1953, Berlin. 15-year-old Michael Berg is on his way home from school, when a chance encounter with the beautiful, but much older Hanna, leads to feelings of love and lust. Remarkably, the feelings are reciprocated and so begins a tempestuous affair between the two. During their daytime dalliances, Hanna entices Michael to read to her every day, and this brings them closer and seems to cement their love all the more. Until the day Hanna disappears from Michael’s life, leaving him heartbroken.


This is the first act of The Reader, and while not truly gripping, it introduces the characters and the world they inhabit. The romance between the two is sometimes hard to view because of the age difference, but it’s vital to the plot.

The story really gathers pace and becomes infinitely more interesting once Hanna re-enters Michael’s life, but in the most shocking way possible as the truth about her past gets revealed and this leads to a discovery that has a profound effect on both their lives. And the way the story pans out makes for one of the best films I’ve seen.

The Reader

That this movie manages to invoke sympathy for the character of Hanna is due in part to Winslet’s brilliant performance as well as a script that actually manages to give us quite a few surprises. The story might not be the most uplifting, but it does make one think about it for days after – thoughts of morality, forgiveness, and love. A masterpiece. (5 out of 5, by Carlisle Johnson)

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