Date Night movie: Going The Distance

July 24, 2014

Expecting a cliché-riddled fluffy rom-com? Well, I certainly was. And I was extremely surprised to find that Going The Distance actually felt quite original. It was also aided by a terrific cast, with Barrymore and Long displaying the perfect chemistry of their real-life relationship. But most of all, the movie was just flat-out hilarious. And the raunch factor was also quite high, with lots of foul language and nudity (all from Justin Long).



Barrymore and Long play Erin and Garrett, who meet one night at a bar in New York and proceed to have a summer fling while she’s working as an intern at a newspaper. But the internship comes to an end and she has to go back to San Francisco, and they actually discover that they indeed have feelings for each other. But can their budding relationship still continue with her living on the West Coast, and him on the East?


That’s the basic plot, but the storyline manages to constantly entertain as the couple try to overcome many obstacles in their relationship. And the problems they face aren’t out-of-the-ordinary, it’s real-life problems that many of us can relate to. And with a brilliant supporting cast helping to pile on the jokes, the movie never gets bogged down or static.


It’s not one for the kids though, as it’s very risque yet manages to make you laugh hysterically at the same time while you gasp out loud. A scene of attempted “phone-sex” is one of the many highlights. All-in-all, a highly effective romantic comedy, with the emphasis on both aspects: the romance and the comedy.


Terrific! (5 out of 5, by Carlisle Johnson

Fabmom x

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