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Celebrating Mothers of Africa!

May 28, 2016

I have long since wondered about the definition of Motherhood. I have read about it, arranged coffee meet-ups with other moms, arranged playgroups, curiously accepted kids birthday party invitations (moms would put into my kids school bags) just for the opportunity to get to know the other moms. I have started this blog for fabulous moms, most of my friends are moms and I work with many, many moms.

The conclusion to my theory on the definition of Motherhood was that there is no one definition to this phenomenon. We are just way too dynamic to be categorized, for we are ever changing and what we do, for our family and others, are never ending.

This is also what the inspirational book “Celebrating Mothers of Africa” has confirmed once again. The book compiled and written by mom, managing director and founder of Working Moms Expo and fellow blogger, Janice Windt, focus on Courage, Work life integration, Happiness, Self care, Motherhood, Perfection and so much more. Be prepared to be inspired by the wise words of women and moms around the country, facing the same everyday challenges as you and I.


Women of Africa Quote

Read the complete book on Celebrating Mothers of Africa here:  Celebrating Mothers of Africa – Working Mothers Expo_2016

Moms, stay fabulous and have courage!

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