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Studio Collection Launch in Cape Town

February 5, 2017

In between family time in New York and running their law practice back home in Mozambique, mompreneur Lei and her husband decided to take up another exciting challenge and open their very own Studio Collection franchise; right here in Cape Town.

It was such an absolute pleasure meeting and sharing many laughs with Lei (pronounced Lee) and her family at the bespoke baby boutique’s launch party last night. The store located on the upper floor of Cavendish Place is a piece of baby heaven. It’s comfortable and pretty and smells so gooood. Lei’s passion for her newest venture is clear when she gushes that it was her two-year-old daughter who was her biggest inspiration. The store with its carefully handcrafted baby linen, furniture and decor and the team that makes it all possible lies very close to her heart. The fabrics are 100% cotton and soft to the touch, all made in South Africa, by the hands of which mostly belong to other moms just like you and me.

Studio Collection is opening its doors to the Cape Town mom tomorrow, Monday, February 6. As the ‘mother’ city, I’m sure we can all agree that it was just a matter of time.

A mom herself, Lei gets how important the best quality fabrics are for our precious kids. She understands that each mom and child is unique and invites you to come pop in by her store and chat to her and the team of experts about your unique preferences; Or if you just happen to be in the area, come stop by for some mommy talk over a hot cuppa coffee from their espresso machine due to arrive this week!

The family is new in town so let’s make them feel welcome 🙂

When this fab mom is not off handling some legal business all the way in Mozambique, you will find lei hanging around her boutique in Cavendish Square.

Studio Collection stores also currently open in Centurion, Rustenburg, Umhlanga and, of cause, Cavendish Square.

This team of textile magicians literally turns your baby’s nursery into anything you can dream of. Check them out for yourself here

(Images are taken from the Studio Collection website.)


Interior design

How to turn a drab wall into a fab one!

June 9, 2014

Whether you live in a mansion or shoebox like we do, I bet you have at least one wall inside your home that could use some serious cheering up and the reason you haven’t yet thought of touching it is simple – you haven’t a clue what to do with it and up until today, you didn’t even know you NEEDED to do anything to it at all. Weeeell maybe you don’t, but I’ll give you a few reasons why it’s time you breathed some new life into your home and impress your entire family. As with many things in life, there’s a fine line between too little and too much, but fear not! I have found some lovely ideas for you to start with and you can do it all by yourself! Go fabmom!! 😉

1. Aaah! here’s an age-old one. How do I hang all these photos of my family without turning my home into a museum? here’s how…





That’s all great, but easier said than done. Right? Right indeed! Here’s some easy guidelines to follow when creating your collage wall



Not a big fan of photos all over your wall? Empty frames in different shapes and sizes, even colours, also looks wonderful!



2. Mirror, mirror on the wall…
Besides it being a great way to attract more light to a room, it also creates the illusion of space!


For more on how to create this layered 3D effect, visit In My Own Style


See how this mirror instantly doubles this room in size? Awesome!!

3. Now you can also make your own Canvas!



4. I love Vinyl Art!!!





Combining art with your fave pictures!


5. Stripes! If all else fails, stripes will save the day! 🙂


It does not have to cost you many years of saving or stressful planning to give your home a fancier look and feel. It just takes some enthusiasm and creativity, mixed with love and willingness ( all the things us moms already posses anyway!) and you’re set to go.