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Celebrating Mothers of Africa!

May 28, 2016

I have long since wondered about the definition of Motherhood. I have read about it, arranged coffee meet-ups with other moms, arranged playgroups, curiously accepted kids birthday party invitations (moms would put into my kids school bags) just for the opportunity to get to know the other moms. I have started this blog for fabulous moms, most of my friends are moms and I work with many, many moms.

The conclusion to my theory on the definition of Motherhood was that there is no one definition to this phenomenon. We are just way too dynamic to be categorized, for we are ever changing and what we do, for our family and others, are never ending.

This is also what the inspirational book “Celebrating Mothers of Africa” has confirmed once again. The book compiled and written by mom, managing director and founder of Working Moms Expo and fellow blogger, Janice Windt, focus on Courage, Work life integration, Happiness, Self care, Motherhood, Perfection and so much more. Be prepared to be inspired by the wise words of women and moms around the country, facing the same everyday challenges as you and I.


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Read the complete book on Celebrating Mothers of Africa here:  Celebrating Mothers of Africa – Working Mothers Expo_2016

Moms, stay fabulous and have courage!

Founding Moms

The Founding Moms: All the way from the US to Cape Town!

June 29, 2014

When in April I did some research on entrepreneur moms for my blog, I never thought I’d be chatting to one of the best, all the way in Chicago, USA, that same day. Jill Salzman, Founding mom of the Founding moms, saw I was from Cape Town when I commented on one of her inspirational Ted talk videos and decided to reach out. She told me she finished off her studies at UCT years ago and always had a soft spot for Cape Town. She wanted to know if anyone I know would be interested to start a Founding moms exchange in our neck of the woods. We chatted some more and hooked up on skype and before we knew it, I was the new co-host for FM Cape Town. So far It’s been a whirlwind of adventure and knowledge and an absolute pleasure to have gotten to know Jill and all the other Founding mom hosts from around the world!


What I love about our monthly exchanges is that the culture is quirky, fun, informal and very informative. That just about sums up Jill too! She has managed to accomplish so much with being a mom and all, yet she goes nowhere without her ‘spirited’ personality. We are talking about a woman who pretended she was the editor in chief of a national magazine, while in law school, called Zip (which she made up), only to get into a rock concert, a woman who hounded down A-lister Gwen Stefani to sell her an ankle bracelet for her newborn daughter, to get her bumble bells business on the map, and even with two small kids managed to get a third business started. Honestly, I’m lucky to be working with and learning from this powerhouse.


I would like to keep this kind of determined-minded, motivation and confidence going and I hope to hear success stories about how our meetups/exchanges are changing the way moms do business.

Have a look into one of our recent meetups in Cape Town.

Getting down to business

Lucinda was kind enough to share her wealth of knowledge with us, on how to thrive in business and be a single mom while raising 2 toddlers. She sure was a great inspiration and reminder of how strong us moms/women actually are.



Loving the world-cup spirit!


and good food!


End Credits:

Exchange Venue: Dutch Haven Bistro
Guest Speaker: Lucinda Pienaar an event planner at Bunches for Africa, single mom to 2 kids