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The Story Behind the Working Mothers Expo

October 1, 2016

Janice Windt, Founder and MD of the Working Mothers Expo, in partnership with MiWayLife, had a son of nine months old and was pregnant with her second when she was offered the career opportunity of a lifetime. Thrilled and devastated at the same time, Janice was at a cross road that so many women face: can I be the mother I want to be and also have a thriving and fulfilling career? Today, she has started a movement with her fellow working mothers: to remind us that there is support and inspiration out there and that It is possible to make life work if you’re willing to ask for the help you need.


Every woman’s story is different. We all have different circumstances, goals and ambitions, but work life integration is a juggle that every working mother has to learn how to manage. Our careers are often a vital part of our identity and sense of purpose. But when our families come along, we are faced with a transition both at home and at work which isn’t easy to manage and, often, something has to give.


This was Janice’s experience, and that of many of her colleagues and friends: “I started speaking to other working mothers and realised that many of them were struggling with similar things. Many of them were making decisions that they regretted. They were trying hard to cope and putting on a brave face. My heart started to break for these women – for all of us.”


Janice became so passionate about giving voice to the struggles working mothers were facing that she started a blog and eventually interviewed over one hundred working mothers from seventeen countries around the world.


“It was such a privilege to speak to all these women from different backgrounds and cultures and to have them open up to me about their lives. I realised that the challenges we face are not unique. Working motherhood is a challenge. If you find it hard, trust me, you are not alone.”

The Working Mothers Expo brings together everything working mothers need under one roof.  Working mothers need to realise they are not alone, get access to the help and inspiration they desperately need and have a moment that is, quite simply, all about them.

To get in touch with Janice and her team and to find out more about the Working Mothers Expo you can visit  Tickets are available at Computicket



Janice Windt


The Working Mothers Expo, brought to you in partnership with MiWayLife, brings together everything working mothers need under one roof. 4-6 November 2016. Sandton Convention Centre. With world class products, services and speakers and great entertainment for your kids, this is an event not to be missed.  Tickets available at Computicket




Have you got your ticket?



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Mom, I want to be a boss when I grow up!

July 19, 2016

This came from the very mouth of my six year old daughter the other day while sitting on her little plastic chair, in her pajamas, drawing her current fave characters, Topsy and Tim, on a plain white t-shirt with textile pens she got for her birthday in June.

This didn’t surprise me at all as Jada’s “career goals” changes with every new experience. Like the time she wanted to be a “Child doctor” during my obsession with Grey’s anatomy; Or when she befriended the neighbours’ cat and wanted to be a Vet, which only intensified when an “actual real-life vet!” visited her Grade R class.

Then, suddenly, the “medical phase” was over and she wanted to be a teacher like her auntie. Then a model. Then a model AND a doctor.

Of cause I always encourage her vigorous alternating career choices, so while she goes through these phases, I try to keep myself and her informed about the subject as much possible, you know, to answer the million questions that is sure to follow in the months ahead. We will read books on it and google search until we’re blue in the face and the next phase starts.

Most recently Jada’s obsessed with the idea of going to London to meet HRH the queen herself. I know, I’m not sure how I keep up with this child either. This latest obsession has seen us stalking the Queen non-stop (on google) and as a result we pretty much know the entire inside of Buckingham Palace. Of cause, it goes without saying that Jada already has a room reserved for when we visit, which we will, she says.

But, there’s another reason my very ambitious little trooper wants to visit the continent, and that reason is Disneyland in Paris. Yes, just like every other little girl, she wants to meet all the Disney princesses. That’s it. She wants to try on Cinderella’s glass slipper,  she wants to fly the magic carpet with Jasmine and along with many other perfectly planned adventures, she really really really wants to build a snowman with Anna and Elsa.

Needless to say, she has not been taking well to the fact that this magical Kingdom is many thousands of miles away and will cost us many thousands of rands too. So, her determination has naturally taken her on a new career path – starting her own business, becoming her own Boss and in so-doing save up for her trip to Disney and the Queen.

So, while drawing her masterpiece on her plain white t-shirt with her permanent textile markers, she decided she was going to create these crafty, personalised t-shirts for each of her class mates, sell it to them and save her earnings. Within the hour she already had four orders placed (by grandma and Grandpa) and as it is her first day back at school today, I’m sure she’s already pitching the idea to her teacher and mates. I cannot but be positive, with her forward thinking attitude, that her dream will come true sooner than we think.








Here’s a few tips on raising a Kidpreneur:

Allow kids to express their emotions and voice their opinion. It builds resilience.

Let them play and limit their time with mobile devices. Play builds innovation and Creativity.

Give kids chores to do. It teaches responsibility for getting things done.

Encourage kids to explore their interest, hobbies, no matter how esoteric. Take them to activity centers such as the science center, Art classes, the museum, dance etc it teaches curiosity.

Even if it’s not what you would do, encourage your kids to make their own choices and then learn from the consequences. It teaches self-confidence

Encourage them to be open with their emotions. It teaches empathy. 

Cultivate gratitude and encourage positive thinking. It creates optimistic kids.

The best entrepreneurs believe in giving back. Encourage kids to help out around the neighbourhood and lead by example by donating to and helping out at charities.

Read more about teaching your kids Entrepreneurial skills at



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Have you ever been on a date with your Son or Daughter?

June 7, 2016

Once I drove past my neighbour’s driveway as she was standing by her car in an evening dress, tying her six-year-old son’s tie. She was going on a date with her son, just the two of them. It was absolutely beautiful to see.

Have you ever been on a date with your son or daughter?

Working parenthood is a juggle. We need to acknowledge this and find a rhythm that helps us find a special moment with each of our children every day. “Go on a date with your firstborn child when your second arrives” is advice the headmistress of our son’s nursery school gives: “Your bringing that baby home is like your husband coming home one night saying, ‘Hi Honey! Look at my new wife! I’ve brought her home to join our family!’ expecting you to love her. If you can find the time to do special activities separately with each of your children this will smooth over most of the challenging situations life throws at you.”

It is also important to focus on behavior rather than on the child. Saying “yes” more often than “no” can turn a situation around. If you are consistently giving your children a negative response, saying “no” for each and every action they take, they will eventually stop responding. However, a positive take on a situation can redirect a child very effectively, with minimal stress on you and them. Try to praise them when they do things right and play down the things they get wrong. In general, children will tend to do whatever gets them attention – negative or positive.

What would she say to a new parent who is leaving through the Honeybee gate for work, his or her little one left in the nursery for the first time? Her tone, as expected, is kind but with a depth of wisdom only achievable through years of working with families: “I know this is hard. I know you are feeling guilty. But please, don’t. You are giving your kids a gift by bringing them to a wonderful school. Your children will learn and grow and thrive by being around other kids. Only, when you are with them, please make a point to try and take them on a date just you and them… and make it special.”

Now, we would love to hear from you… have you ever been on a date with your son or daughter?  Do you have some awesome suggestions on what to do to connect better with your kids? The truth is that we’re all in this together and your comments could help thousands of mums around the world to discover new ways to connect with their kids and, more importantly, realize that they are not alone in the challenges they face…

If you found this article helpful, we would be honoured if you would share it with your friends via email or social media, sign up for the Working Mothers Expo VIP Waiting List and book your diaries for an event you will not want to miss

See you soon!

The Working Mothers Expo, brought to you in partnership with MiWay Life, brings together everything a working mother needs under one roof on 4-6 November at the Sandton Convention Centre.  Take a step back from your hectic schedule, make some time to reflect, hear an inspiring speaker, indulge in some retail therapy and connect with other working mothers. We would like to create some dedicated time in your schedule that is all about you.

It’s time to take a moment. Join our VIP Waiting List

If you would like to inquire about sponsoring or exhibiting at the event, please email us and we will send you all the details you need.



Article and image by Janice Windt: Blogger and founder of The Working Mothers Expo


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Celebrating Mothers of Africa!

May 28, 2016

I have long since wondered about the definition of Motherhood. I have read about it, arranged coffee meet-ups with other moms, arranged playgroups, curiously accepted kids birthday party invitations (moms would put into my kids school bags) just for the opportunity to get to know the other moms. I have started this blog for fabulous moms, most of my friends are moms and I work with many, many moms.

The conclusion to my theory on the definition of Motherhood was that there is no one definition to this phenomenon. We are just way too dynamic to be categorized, for we are ever changing and what we do, for our family and others, are never ending.

This is also what the inspirational book “Celebrating Mothers of Africa” has confirmed once again. The book compiled and written by mom, managing director and founder of Working Moms Expo and fellow blogger, Janice Windt, focus on Courage, Work life integration, Happiness, Self care, Motherhood, Perfection and so much more. Be prepared to be inspired by the wise words of women and moms around the country, facing the same everyday challenges as you and I.


Women of Africa Quote

Read the complete book on Celebrating Mothers of Africa here:  Celebrating Mothers of Africa – Working Mothers Expo_2016

Moms, stay fabulous and have courage!

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I’m a Momprenuer!

March 19, 2015

I’ve been reading and hearing this question more often lately; “I’m a stay-at-home mum, what business can I start?”

The answer is simple, there are plenty! Although, It may require a little brainstorming to come up with exactly what type of business you want to start, what you are good at and also what it is you are passionate about.

While researching, I noticed that many stay-home-moms are either baking, planning kiddies parties or offering her services as a day mother. Which is great! These businesses seems to be booming and in-demand. However, If these are not exactly what appeals to you, then I hope the following list of possibilities I’ve compiled, does. Not only are they absolutely possible, but they are also very necessary in our day and age and our country. So here goes.

1. Online Store Owner


You don’t have to be a big shot retailer to start an online store. All you need is a website and the right e-commerce software to get started. You can sell your own products or items from niche suppliers. Alternatively, if you’re crafty, you can also sell your own handcrafted creations. Shopify is a great place to start creating your store online.

2. Energy efficiency consultant

Home owners and businesses are looking for any way they can to cut costs, but figuring out how to lower energy expenses isn’t as easy as you might think. Anyone who has a background in utilities or construction and can advise home owners or businesses on how to better insulate, install smart meters, reduce water usage, etc., has a valuable service to offer.

Get a Green career at Terra Firma Acadamy today!

3. Recycler

“Recycling for your average suburban household in South Africa is a bit of a schlep: the infrastructure for collecting recyclable material isn’t really in place – yet. Households generally have to separate their rubbish and take the recyclables to a municipal drop-off centre or a buy-back centre because there’s not much in the way of kerbside collection. Many people just can’t be bothered.” –

Steel, copper and computer components are all worth more than ever. Your average home owner doesn’t always know where or how to recycle the stuff they’ve got. A good local advertising campaign and a pick-up truck are all you’d need to start buying or simply offering to remove scrap metal, old computers, electronics, ink cartridges and other recyclable materials. You’ll be making a profit and doing the Earth a favour, too.

4. Pet Sitting

Pets are people, too. If you love animals, are reliable, organized and trustworthy, there’s no shortage of work for you. The more satisfied customers you have, the more quickly your business will grow. Nothing soothes an antsy pet owner more than a good recommendation from another animal lover.

5. Elderly Assist

You don’t need to be a nurse to aid the elderly. Many older folks would like to keep living on their own, but need a little assistance with daily chores, bill paying, grocery shopping, etc. With just a little outside help and a daily visit from a friendly caregiver, many can maintain their independence. Families are also happy to find a responsible, reliable person in whom they can trust.

6. Writing Books For Children


Since early education is identified as one of the keys to success in life, most parents spend a lot of money on educational books of their children. These books may include a variety of areas from educational story books to simple mathematical question books. Therefore if you are a person who has capabilities such as, creating simple questions, do simple drawings, creating puzzles, then this may be a very good chance for you to earn a considerable income. The ability to carry out this task from home has made this more popular with women who are mostly housewives.

7. Conducting Lamaze Classes

childbirth_classes (1)

“Becoming a childbirth educator is an exciting thing to do. Many women become childbirth educators because of their birth experiences, positive or negative. They want to help educate families on the process of birth and bringing a new baby into their lives.” –

Statistics from the World Health Organization reveal that 90 to 95 percent of the entire world’s births are normal! If you are a stay at home mom, having given birth to your children normally and have studied Lamaze techniques, you can earn a healthy income simply by being a Lamaze Coach! In fact what is important is not just the money earned by being a Lamaze coach, but the personal satisfaction you get by helping young mothers to reduce pain associated with childbirth.

8. Public Relations Specialist

Any given organization’s reputation, profitability, and even its continued existence would mainly depend on the degree to which the public may support its goals and policies. Therefore, positive public relations are becoming an increasingly important element that almost all the businesses should consider to become a good corporate citizen. Public relations specialists serve businesses as advocates for profit making as well as nonprofitmaking businesses. And the main objective of a public relations specialist would be to build and maintain positive relationships with the public. As managers tend to identify the importance of good public relations to the success of their organizations, they increasingly seek the services of public relations specialists for advices

9.  Bookkeeper

During the recession, many companies cut their employee headcount to the bare minimum. Very few businesses, however, can live without a bookkeeper. But, that doesn’t mean they have to have one on staff. If you’ve got a background in accounting or bookkeeping, you can offer remote bookkeeping services and, in many cases, do most of the work from home.

10. Social media consultant


If you’re one of those to whom using social media comes as naturally as breathing, you may have a career as a social media consultant . There’s no doubt that social media presents an unprecedented marketing opportunity for businesses, but only if they know how to use it. If you can help existing businesses integrate social media into their other marketing campaigns, you should have no trouble making a go of it.

I really hope this helps mom. I will be posting more on this topic more often.

Remember to do what you love and you won’t have to work another day in your life 😉

Fabmom x

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