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The most fabulous moms are readers

September 11, 2016

How did I even miss national book reading week this year? Answer: most likely because every week is national book reading week in my head.

Not only is the very important activity of reading celebrated by myself since…forever, but the literature bug seems to have also bitten my kids.

Jada’s been asking me to take her to the library ever since she could say the word library. We finally collected her first ever library card just the other day. I haven’t been to one since high school and as soon as we entered the building I was overcome with nostalgia as the sweet sound of silence and the familiar smell of books hit me smack in the face. I’ve forgotten how much I used to love that place. I can only hope J will be as happy there as I was.

Growing up around books has no doubt given me a profound appreciation for reading and is the reason I am always starving for knowledge, am so curious and always want to know more.

Although sadly, my passion for reading has been somewhat pushed aside the last few years because of well…motherhood, I still find myself unable to resist a good book or to pass the bookstore without literally drooling. My addiction can easily be compared to that of a shoe addict, only my weakness (or strength) is books and never goes out of style.

I feel horrible for not always having the time nor energy to read to my kids at bedtime. But if I can’t, you can be damn sure my husband will. And he doesn’t even like to read. Whether or not we love to read, its vital that we make time to read to our kids.

According to the Book Development Council of South Africa, reading statistics show that only 14% of the South African population are active book readers, and a mere 5% of parents read to their children.

Now, I could preach to you about all the benefits reading to your kids have, but I know that’s not necessary. Also, this is not a parenting blog. I’m not telling you how to raise your kids; you’re already doing a great job by doing the best you can. This is however a blog aimed at fabulous moms; and I firmly believe the most fabulous moms not only read to their children at bedtime, but are readers themselves.

Reading starts with us. So I challenge you today to get yourself a book, find a quiet place in a sunlit room in your house while the kids are watching cartoons; or under a tree while they play in the park; or go to the library – I guarantee you will love it and you’ll never want to stop. There really is no better escape from all the crazy in our lives.

We don’t have to love to read, to raise  kids who love to read, but it sure makes the journey a more pleasant one.

I’m currently reading “Everything I never told you” by Celeste Ng and am torn between finishing this book that I cannot seem to put down; completing my portfolio exam that must be in by next week; and being an ever-present parent. I can tell you this, I am still alive. It can be done. I’ll put up my review soon!



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Why we can all relate to the Mother’s Day Movie – Review

September 3, 2016

I absolutely love this movie! This time it’s not due to the great acting, or lack thereof. I love the Mother’s Day movie, because it is basically every complicated domestic drama all wrapped into one. It’s just so relate-able and even though some of the issues are underplayed and others a tad bit exaggerated, I believe everyone watching will take away a lesson from it, no matter how big or small.

I first watched the movie by myself, expecting it will not be any good. Truth is, I enjoyed it so much, I watched it again a couple days later and asked hubby to join. It was like I never watched it before. True the acting wasn’t always good and production wasn’t the best, but I think they were pretty smart to use that many real-life scenarios which all effect us, on some level, every single day.

Moms are suckers for these kind of things and this mom (moi) was no different. Here’s why we can all relate:

The Annoying Sugar-Daddy Ex-husband:

Sandy (Jennifer Aniston) “with two boys” (you’ll get the quotation marks once you watch the movie) has a hard time accepting her ex-husband Henry’s sudden elopement to a girl much, much younger than him. Whatever Sandy has, she seems to have twice as much – longer, leaner legs, killer bikini body, the husband and what pisses Sandy off even more than this is the obvious fact that step-momma-tween genuinely seems to be hitting it off with the boys. Enjoy the emotional roller-coaster as sandy takes you through literally all the steps to acceptance. IF she gets there…

The Widower:

Bradley (Jason Sudeikis) “with two girls” (again, quotes will make sense when you see the movie) lost his Marine corps wife a couple years ago. He is now a widower and has been left to take over the role of both father and mother, which on occasion includes buying tampons for his 16 year old. He makes a potentially life-altering connection on one of his tampon buying excursions. Brad also owns a fitness club, of which the members include nuns?! He also coaches his daughter’s soccer team and can do a mean freestyle karaoke. But everyone gets lonely sometimes…

Inter-Racial Marriage:

All Jesse (Kate Hudson) wants for Mother’s day is to reconnect with her estranged mother, who stopped contacting her altogether when she got involved with an Indian guy. It’s been years and Jesse is now happily married to the ‘towel head’ and they share a gorgeous two year old son. So just how does Jesse get her parents to accept her back into their lives? Sometimes, when put into a life threatening situation, people tend to see through a new pair of eyes. 

Gay Marriage:

Gabi (Sarah Chalke) is Jesse’s sister and neighbour and has a slightly better relationship with their parents. There’s just one teeny tiny problem; Jesse is gay and lives with her wife and adopted son. Considering her mother’s already unfair views on interracial relationships, she feels forced to hide her homosexuality from her mom. But when their parents suddenly surprise them with a visit, all hell breaks loose.

Abandonment Issues:

Kristin (Brit Robertson) is in a committed relationship with a guy who worships her and with whom she shares an adorable one year old daughter; But no matter how many times Zack (Jack whitehall) wants to talk about putting a ring on it, things go sour, mainly Kristin. Kristin goes sour. You see, she was adopted and because she has never met her mother, feels she does not know herself either. However, she is dead set on meeting her birth mother, before she loses the love of her life. When she finally finds the women who birthed her and gave her away, and who has such a stronghold on her life, she musters up the courage to approach her. Kristin’s biggest fear is getting rejected.  

No-Time-For-Family Career Woman:

Miranda (Julia Roberts) is beautiful, successful and an ultra-famous talk-show host. The idea of ever starting a family of her own, has been left behind a long time ago. Partly because of the demands of her career, but ultimately because of something much deeper.




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What to Read: The little boy who lost his name

July 14, 2015

Okay, so maybe I was living under a rock for the last three years. Why am I only discovering these beauties now??!

As a mom with three little ones of my own, all of whom are under the age of 6, it is a constant battle finding them suitable gifts for either birthdays or Christmas (Suitable being the operative word) so you can only imagine my happy-dance when I stumbled upon this great kids book.

Created by a group of dads, The little boy (or girl) who lost his (or her) name, is fast becoming a household name around Europe and soon the world! It is a book aimed at 2-6 year olds and opens as a child wakes, to discover their name is missing from their wardrobe door. They then set off on a quest to find it, meeting bears, mermaids, narwhals and other creatures, depending on the letters which make up their name.

The book was created, and the company “lost my name” was founded, in 2012. It is offered in French, German and Spanish, as well as English, with more languages being added, The company offers free shipping worldwide and allows you edit the dedication page inside the personalised book to your liking and includes a gift wrapping service.

Before you order your book, you are asked to enter the name and gender of the child you are buying the book for. You can then view a digital copy of what the book will look like as the story revolves around each letter of the child’s name. Pretty neat stuff.

For a gift that will likely last your little ones a lifetime, it might be a great idea to get your hands on a few of these NOW!

Visit: to simply check it out or to place your Order for only £18.99 (R366.85)

To creating memories!







Originally posted in The Gaurdian



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Date Night Movie: 27 Dresses

March 19, 2015

Always a bride’s maid, never a bride. If this is you, you might just find the inspiration you were looking for in this mushy-filled rom-com.

Again, whether you are watching with your better half or your girlfriends, our reviewer brings you another oldie, but definitely a goodie.

Although formulaic and predictable, as with most romantic comedies, this movie succeeds thanks to a terrific lead performance from Katherine Heigl, who is destined to be a movie star. Her performance is flawless, and you’ll find yourself sympathizing with her goal to destroy her sister’s relationship with the man she’s secretly in love with.

The script offers nothing much new, but everyone in the cast is game, and it shows. Judy Greer is perfectly spot-on with her portrayal as the best friend, full of sardonic wisecracks and put-downs. And as with most movies in this genre, it’s not the ‘what happens’ that matters, it’s the ‘how it happens’ that provides all the fun.



(4 out of 5, by Carlisle Johnson)

Fabmom x

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My Mini Biography: The Milestone Years

March 4, 2015


I don’t know much about my birth or what I was like as a toddler. Mom was never around long enough to tell me nor have I ever asked. Looking at my three little tods now, I gather I wasn’t one of the quieter ones out there. What I do remember clearly however, is growing up with mamma. No not mamma as in the movie Mamma. My mamma would kick movie Mamma’s behind in a heartbeat.  Although known as the scariest woman on our street, she loved me dearly. Maybe a little too much. So much that I was forbidden from staying out too long at the neighbour’s house, where my best friend lived. So much, that the two us had to break through the wired fence that separated our yards to ensure we saw each other more often than was allowed. Friendship ruled back then and could get you out of almost anything. When I was eight years old, mamma’s health had deteriorated so much that by the time she took her last breath, no one was happier or more relieved to see her drift off to a more peaceful place in the beyond, than I was. Back then I thought my happiness for her death was because of how strict she was, but I missed that as soon as she was gone, and as I got older, I realised that I simply couldn’t bear to see her suffer so much and that I loved her more than I will ever be able to comprehend in this lifetime.


I know I said mummy wasn’t around much while growing up and that’s true. She wasn’t around nearly as much as I longed for her to be. But when she was, even just for a few hours, my whole world would light up instantly. Oh was she beautiful! She was so beautiful as soon as I saw her come walking down the street, I would immediately stop running, skipping, jumping or whatever I was busy doing, and just stare at her. Then quickly I’d be all over her demanding all the attention I didn’t get while she was away the past few weeks. Everything she did was just amazing, flawless, and perfect while she was visiting me at gran’s. Every second spent with mummy was heaven. She could do no wrong and I was the happiest little girl when she was around. My complete obsession for reading stems from a Disney book collection she got me for my birthday one year. I never stopped reading after that. If there was ever any doubt, this proves that moms most assuredly have a tremendous influence on their kids’ evolvement.


After mamma went, I was left in the care of my older sister who was then only sixteen, had a little baby of her own and was working full time. By then my grades had plummeted dramatically. I went from an A-student to a complete failure in just one year. So one day while playing in a rundown van with some friends I hardly knew, my sister called me home and told me that I will be staying with my aunt and uncle from then on. I loved my aunt and uncle dearly so of cause I was overjoyed at the prospect. I left Athlone and my mamma’s house a few days later. Although we didn’t speak about it for a long time after, sis later told me that she simply couldn’t stand by and watch my life fall apart. One will never fully grasp the potency of a sister’s love…until the going gets tough and shit hits the fan. I haven’t thanked her nearly enough for always looking out for me.

New family, new beginnings:

Suddenly, I was two brothers, a sister, a mom, a dad and a dog richer. I would spend the next thirteen years in my new family’s home before I’d move out on my own. At first it felt like I was hit by a bus and was now recovering and learning to walk, talk, think and be all over again. With the support from my new family, I soon learned how to walk with my head up high, talk positively, think and dream about the endless possibilities that’s opened up for me and most importantly I learned to ‘be’ part of a family. It was a slow recovery, but in the end it all made me the person I am today. We often think sibling rivalry and getting a good lashing from parents are bad things. And though I agree that these are not nice, they are indeed little bolts and nuts in the machine that makes up a loving family. Needless to say I got a good dose of both. I was also inundated with love and soon it was pretty bizarre to think that there was ever a time I was not a part of this family. Where mamma, bless her soul, wouldn’t allow me next door to play with my own best friend, mommy Gladys allowed us so much freedom and so little social boundaries that we felt guilty even thinking about letting her down, so we never did. My second mom was and still is the most beautiful soul and God fearing human being I know. Her husband, and my first and only dad, has never shown me anything but the love any daughter desires. I didn’t think of this before, but I now realise that he played an enormous part in me choosing the life partner I did.

Finding my prince charming and my happily ever after:

My life was full. I had just finished school, just started my new job and I was another sister richer (My younger biological sister from my biological dad) whom I was going to visit once I got home from work on this particular day. It happened to be a very hot summer’s day and I was walking toward the station when this guy stopped me and offered me a ride. Ofcause I refused and continued the excruciatingly long walk to the station, but not before he handed me his business card which I reluctantly accepted. Completely out of character and not entirely sure why, I called him later that night. It’s been almost eleven years and three children later and we haven’t stopped talking since. Although my life was full, before that fateful day I took a stranger’s business card, it was now complete. I wasn’t looking for love. Perhaps because I was so grateful for all the things life had already given me and maybe love was just a little much to ask for too. But love found me none the less.


I now have an amazing husband and family of my own, with whom to create the life I never had. I haven’t been given a second chance. I have been given yet another chance. I’ve been given plenty more chances after that. I am not simply a mom, I am a fabmom.

Carmen_Lesley wedding


Carmen_Lesley wedding

Carmen_Lesley wedding

Carmen_Lesley wedding


To happy endings and new beginnings…

fabmom xx