Brightening up the office for Spring

August 31, 2012
My son turned 5 months a few weeks back and I still cannot get over just how much he’s grown! a bitter sweet time for me this is – having been here with him through every milestone up to now and Spring time at our doorstep, well that’s the sweet part, what’s bitter is the realisation that my time home with him and his sister has nearly come to an end – in just over a week my maternity leave will be done, finished, klaar! I still fail to understand why maternity leave is ONLY six months or less anyway!? Not to mention the exhausting battle you have to fight for your employer to reluctantly approve the six months for which you’re actually entitled to. Still baffles me, but the harsh truth is there will always be someone that will try to decrease the already ridiculous short time you have with your kids. My vote is ‘a longer maternity leave and shorter working hours!’
Oh well, until the apple finally hits someone on the head and they come to see the logic behind my reasoning I have managed to make the thought of my return to the office a  more pleasant one by putting together a catalog of my fave and Ideal Spring office wear. I hope you’ll be inspired to go out there and brighten up your own closet. This Might help to make slaving away in a drab ‘ol office much more bearable!

Colourful Blazers…Get them in every colour, wear them with everything!

The Denim shirt. A total season must!

I said it before I’ll say it again – Stripes are rocking it this season!

What would Spring be without a cute dress anyway? Be fashionable in the Shirt dress

And my personal favourite Spring Fashion accessory, The wedge.

So I’m thinking, heading back to work might not be that bad after all…
Happy Spring time fashionistas!!

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