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Bon Voyage!

August 6, 2014

I’m one of those people that always wanted to travel the world, but never got around to it. Where most young people went on their merry way and thought they’d see the world first then settle down, I decided to not follow the masses and instead to get married to the man of my dreams, start a family as soon as possible and do the ‘boring’ domestic life thing. I even left my day job to make sure I give being a wife and mother my best shot possible. I guess I figured the world would always be there waiting, my ovaries on the other hand, wouldn’t.

I’ve never been sorry a day in my life! Sure, I’d get envious looking at Facebook posts and pics of friends roaming the globe – late lunches at fancy cafés and selfies at historical sites, all around Europe, landing dream jobs in Dubai and touring the States. sure I got a little green with envy…jealous even…no, outright jealous!! but not once have I felt sorry for my domesticated life, a noisy household filled with endless laughter (and sibling fights) or finding my Mr right at a time when everyone else were steering clear of being ‘caught up’ and opted for the single life that mainly consisted of staying up late and sleeping in all day. my life being the exact opposite of cause with early (exhausting) nights and lucky-if-I-even-get-to-sit-down days.

Still, I wasn’t sorry.
Then one day, out of nowhere, taking me completely by surprise and knocking my socks right off, my kids were toddlers, these amazing smart beings, and all the years of sacrifice had paid off. I suddenly felt ready to conquer the world. to meet it and it’s wonderful offerings of adventure. And I could suddenly not imagine doing it all without my family right there with me.

My top 5 kid-friendly traveling bucket list!

1. Norway: A culture that still believes in gnomes and fairies, a place where the sun is always shining (Midnight sun), enchanted castles, majestic landscapes and the breath-taking Northern lights. It’s the perfect playground for my Princess Jada and her two Viking (protective) brothers!9fefc46f2342c6a2f508cae37b505ce2

2. Disney World, USA: Seriously. Need I Say more!


3. Switzerland: Wide open spaces, boat rides, the children’s Adventure Trail in Mürren which also boasts as a car-free village and sure to make you feel like a young Heidie, the Jungfruajoch railway which literally takes you to the top of Europe (2hr long train ride)  while taking in the sights of the breath-taking Alps.06062007178

4.Italy: Italians love family! Not to mention the pizza, pasta, ice cream and kids stay up late. A paradise for you and the young ones!Typical-Italian-Food

5.Hawii: Sun, sea, entertainment and home to a variety of kid-friendly resorts. This one is definitely a family must!Aulani-Resort-and-Spa-The-First-Disney-Resort-in-Hawaii-27

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