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A Birthday celebration at Knife Steak House

March 18, 2019

If I could tell my younger self just one thing, it would be to appreciate the people in her life that matters most. The ones who genuinely care; who don’t always say the things she wants to hear, but the things she needs to hear. I’ll warn her that her circle will get much smaller during this process, but that the conversations will become invaluable. If I’d known this ten years ago, the road traveled to where I’m at today would be less bumpy, confusing, and heartbreaking. It may have taken me some time, but I’ve finally learned to appreciate all the people in my life who truly care about me and my family, and I hope to show them the same love and care from here on.

This past weekend I celebrated my birthday with a few such friends and family at Knife Restaurant next to the Crystal Towers in Century City. I’ve never been to Knife before then, but I’ve heard and read a lot of great things about it, especially their trendy bar and succulent ribs! Based on this I immediately knew that this would be the best place to host my special day. Good food and wine – check!

Dinner was booked for 6:30PM, but we arrived early to get the most out of their happy hour running daily from 5PM to 7PM! Their cocktails and draught beer taste amazing, but we mostly enjoyed just hanging at the bar while the “award-winning” mixologist talked us through it all.

Their service – outstanding! From the moment we stopped in the parking lot we felt welcome and the waiters knew exactly who I was, even though I’ve only ever spoken to one person (who wasn’t even there at the time) over the phone before then.

We were escorted to a cozy, semi-secluded area of the restaurant, beautifully set up for yours truly, overlooking the gorgeous Century City. It wouldn’t have mattered where we were seated tbh because the restaurant is so spacious, we would’ve been secluded anyway!

This American inspired steak house definitely made a good first impression on this local gal and her squad. The decor is classic New York loft chic, while the food is comforting Southern American style, which makes for the perfect combination and best of both worlds experience.

Also, as a mom, it’s great to know how much they value family here and have carefully created a kiddies menu that shows just that. Needless to say, we can’t wait to go back to experience Knife together with our kids.

I must admit, though, the trove card for me is their birthday special – If you bring along eight people or more for your birthday party, and everyone orders a main course, you get your meal free, plus a bottle of bubbly! I think that’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

It was a night of great fun and laughter as you can see from the pictures, and I’m happy I decided to take a chance on Knife. I think we’ve discovered our new favourite hangout and it helps that it’s right on our doorstep.


Here’s to another year ahead and appreciating the amazing people in my life!

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