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10 most child friendly places to eat in Hout Bay

September 23, 2016

While on our recent holiday in Houtbay, the number one challenge we were faced with was finding (updated) child friendly eateries in the area.

You only realize how truly valuable this information is once you’re a mom of little tots. The very idea of bringing your busy brood into a fancy restaurant with little place to move, let alone run around, while having to endure the stares and snares from fellow diners, is enough to make any parent cringe with panic.

Usually, we just pop in at The Lookout deck for their amazing fish and chips, but mostly for the view. However, this time we wanted to try somewhere different. Little did we know just how incredibly hard it would be to find  good alternatives.

What a relief when we found Scarecrows on the net! So, we punched in the GPS coordinates and off we drove for brunch; only to get there and learn Scarecrows no longer exist and has now been replaced by Massimo’s, which, by the way, was closed this Sunday afternoon. Wonderful!

Tummies rumbling and frustrated, we headed toward our holiday destination, and stopped at the first restaurant we saw. Just as our luck would have it that day, the place was not child-friendly at all – not even a kiddies menu in sight. We ended up enjoying our meals anyway, because hey, it’s Houtbay, and everyone makes you feel so at home here.

I did however vow to find out exactly where all the sneaky kid-friendly eateries are hiding in the Valley and share them with my fellow fab moms. So, here they are!



Child friendly, family Greek restaurant in the heart of Hout Bay with a fully equipped children’s playroom with a full time child minder. There is also a well balanced kiddies menu to make this a suitable family outing where children are well cared for!
30 Main Road, 7806 Hout Bay
Call: 021 791 3897

Earthworx Garden Cafe


Cute little restaurant for breakfast and lunch. Great play area for kids and milkshakes!
Corner of Valley and Victoria Road, Hout Bay
Call: 021 790 3033


Wharfside Grill Restaurant – Mariner’s Wharf


Although I couldn’t find it anywhere on the website, I was able to confirm that The Wharfside Grill (On the deck) has a very lovely kiddies menu. Although they don’t have a play area to entertain the kids, I as informed that the waiters are very aptly dressed in sailor attire, which I am sure will keep the kids more than entertained. 
Mariner’s Wharf, Hout Bay Harbour, Hout Bay
Call for bookings: 021 790 1100



Oakhurst Farm Park, Main Road, Hout Bay 
Friendly Italian owners, the best Pizza on the Atlantic and a play area for the kids!
Call: 021 790 5648



Arguably the best fish and chips in Town and at a good price! I have been told by a regular with two kids of her own, that this joint also has the best play area she’s seen. 
Quay 4, Harbour Rd, Hout Bay
Call:  021 790 6677


Dunes Beach Restaurant


Well-known as a family friendly destination, and it has a play ground and kiddies menu with lots to keep the little ones happy. 
1 Beach Rd, Hout Bay
Call: 021 790 1876


Valley Farm Stall 


A place for parents to relax while their children play and have fun. The farmyard is home to ponies, dwarf goats, teacup pigs, bunnies, ducks, geese, turkeys and chickens. Children are allowed to safely interact with the animals under adult supervision.
Valley Road, Hout Bay
Call: 021 790 3803


The Lookout Deck


Sit right above the water’s edge and watch the seals frolick and climb up the stairs of the nearby boats. 
65 Harbour Rd, Hout Bay Harbour
Call: 021 790 0900


Bay Harbour Market


Delicious aromas of braai fish, freshly baked breads and citrus fruits and so much more. You pass a robotic mime drawing gasps from giggling kids as the air is filled with the sound of a township guitarists and a groovy sax …. punctuated by singing seagulls ….
31 Harbour Rd, Hout Bay
Call:  083 275 5586

I hope this was helpful mamas! Please let me now if you discover any other treasures like these 🙂



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