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Dino’s Alive Expo – Cape Town Launch

November 17, 2016

The kids have been looking forward to the Dino’s Alive Expo for a long time, so when the day finally arrived, they could barely contain their excitement. The thunderous roar of the dinosaurs hit our ears as soon as we drove into the parking lot at Cape Gate Mall last night which made the kids, and ourselves, even more excited.

On arrival we were greeted with champaign by the friendly staff, and popcorn, candy floss and photo vouchers for the kids. By this time they were ready to storm the exhibition which gave a fine impression of the much loved (and feared) Jurassic Park.

We were then treated to a tour with the tour guide mostly interacting with the curious little ones asking them all kinds of questions about the prehistoric majestic giants.

There was a light atmosphere which I savoured and so much for the little ones to do and see. In-between cupcakes, mini pizza, mini burgers, popcorn and candy floss, the kids also got to enjoy dino-rides, baby dino petting, digging for fossils in the sand and bouncing around on the dino jumping castle.

Prepare to be taken on a journey to a time where dinosaurs were the rulers of the planet. Tickets are available through Computicket or at entrance 5, Cape Gate. Doors officially open today! You can also purchase your tickets at any Shoprite, Checkers, Checkers Hyper or House & Home branch.

Call: 081 011 1718
Email: etienne@expoafrica.co.za
Website: dinosalive.co.za


Here’s a peak at all the fun we had 🙂



























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10 Best Mobile Apps For the Busy Mom

November 17, 2016

I don’t have to tell you just how busy a mom’s life can get. Not to mention how forgetful some of us, most of us, are. In fact I believe I lost a few brain cells with every child I’ve birthed – and I’ve birthed three of ’em!

But no matter how understandable our porridge brain syndrome may be, we simply cannot afford to forget the important things such as collecting the kiddies from choir practice or soccer; Or forget to eat healthy meals and do our weekly workout. We most certainly cannot afford to get lost because that’s just dangerous. And even though we really really do not want to or have the strength to, we cannot forget to clean the house. This, and many other reasons I did not mention here, is why I have put together a tried and tested list I know you will appreciate and want to thank me for. Although that won’t be necessary 🙂

We live in a time when cell phones have literally taken over our entire lives. Everything we do, we do on our cell phones. And that’s okay! I’m guilty of this too. If my phone could feed and bath me, I’d be happy. What we shouldn’t do, is become slaves to our mobile devices. Our phones are arguably the most amazing invention of our time. Let’s make it work for us and not the other way around.

Recently I have become a huge App. store addict. The genius of the minds belonging to the men and women creating many of these apps astounds me.  We may not have succeeded in making cars fly just yet, but these mobile apps are definitely a close second.



Cozi Family Organizer

Much like Google Calander, this mobile app manage your jam-packed life and keep the whole family in the loop with Cozi  with a shared calendar, shopping lists, to do lists, recipe box, and more, everyone can access on the go.

“Appointment reminders can be delivered by device notifications to iOS or Android devices, or by text or via email. If a family member has the iOS or Android app installed and has device notifications turned on (the default), reminders will be sent by device notification. If a user does not have the iOS or Android app installed, or has device notifications turned off, that person will receive reminders by text if a verified phone number is included for that person in the account, or by email if no verified phone number is included in the account for that person.”

See Cozi Frequently Asked Questions here



Hydro Coach

I use to go without a single drop of water for days! Sadly I know many others just like me. Drinking enough water a day is clearly a big challenge all round, and even more challenging for us busy moms.  Since downloading this simple-yet-amazing app, I have been drinking far more water every day than ever before. Hydro Coach calculate how much water you need, track what you drink, and gently reminds you when to drink. This is definitely just what the doctor ordered.


I fell in love with this app way before I learned it’s been awarded most Innovative and Best Design Finalist in the Google Play Awards. It is beautiful and smart and unlike many other ‘heath’ apps that simply overwhelm you with tips on healthy eating and exercise , Fabulous focus on your current routine and motivates you to a happier, healthier, more energized and organised you. This nifty app has many wonderful features and as a newby, I’m still finding my way around, but I have already been tremendously impressed. I especially like the motivational letters and the gentle reminders of what healthy foods I should pick up on way home from work.


Google Keep

As a blogger and just overall think tank, I go nowhere without a notebook. I especially need to make sure I jot down any ideas, because I forget so easily. Lucky for us forgetful, busy and creative moms, there are now plenty of mobile apps that make notes-on-the-go much more convenient and fun. I have been using Memo Pad for a long time, and I have never been disappointing. However, I think I’ll give Google Keep a try since it assures me I will have access to my notes on any device. Score!


From healthy Smoothies to healthy kids recipes and so much more, Fitberry has them all. Quick recipes for the health fundi always on the go. There really is nothing more to say other than you simply must have this app available at your fingertips.



This app needs no introduction, but in case you have been living under a rock, you may want to get downloading right away! Whether planning a date night with your man or with your girlfriends, it’s always reassuring to know you have an instant, low-cost taxi at your fingertips.


Believe me, there will come a day, maybe a few days, maybe more, when you are going to need someone trustworthy and with good references to clean your house for you. And when that day comes, you will want to have the peace of mind that you have this very helpful app. installed on your phone. The Uber of cleaning services.  You click, they clean.  I did a little write-up about SweetSouth on a previous post here. I hope you love this app. as much I do!


And for the traveling mom,  TripAdvisor makes it easy to find the lowest airfare, best hotels, great restaurants, and fun things to do, wherever you go.


Amazon Kindle 

The app for every bookworm. Needless to say I have been the biggest fan of the Kindle app. for the longest time. Although I still love the feel and smell of a hardcopy, Kindle has made it possible for me to read while I am lying in bed, with the lights off. My kids love it too because they can now download many paid and free books at any time. It is definitely great for breeding an environment of book lovers.


Because our pets are our kids too! Ask questions about your pet’s health, nutrition, behavior, or any other topic, and obtain trusted answers for free from verified veterinarians and other pet experts. Important: Although PetCoach is a service that provides trusted answers to everyday questions about your pet’s wellness, it is not a substitute for in-office exams or for regular veterinary care.


I hope these apps will be as helpful to you as they are to me. Since we spend so much time on our phone (which we probably should not), why not make it fun and productive.




SweepSouth – The Uber of Cleaning Services

November 11, 2016
The concept is very simple: You click. They clean.

I love planning and hosting a good party at home as much as the next mummy. They are always so much fun to put together, but sure is a pain to clean up after.

I would also like unexpected visits more if my house wasn’t ALWAYS in a such a catastrophic state! I am however very lucky to have people in my life who understands a house with three busy toddlers can’t possibly be spic and span all the time.

Also, with the festive season fast approaching I have no doubt we are all (everyone in Cape Town at least) armed with our mops and brooms getting ready for the big ‘spring clean.’ However, with work and kids being so time consuming, having to attend a dozen year-end celebrations before the festive season kicks off, and just really feeling drained after a very long and busy year, I’m not looking forward to ‘spring’ cleaning the house, at all.

 So imagine my excitement when I happened upon SweepSouth! SweepSouth operates like an “Uber for cleaning services” in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria and is a platform for booking and paying for home cleaning services.

The platform matches clients with cleaning professionals in minutes. So now you can own those lazy days, or get as excited as you should be when friends and family call to say they are coming over for coffee later.

“There is already a huge demand for the service and great feedback from the customers. The company is also the first South African company to be included on as part of the prestigious American 500 Startups accelerator programme.”

From just R38 per hour, you may wish to tell the skeptic inside to shut-up and give SweepSouth a try 😉 You can book right here, right now.

100% guarantee of high quality cleaning services. The cleaning professionals go through a rigorous interview process and are experienced, reference and background checked, and fully insured. They leave homes shiny and spotless.Great Customer ServiceAlways happy to hear the feedback and assist. For example if the client is not happy with the clean, SweepSouth will send out someone else at no additional cost!Secure and hassle free booking.Simple and mobile responsive online checkout allows customers to book the cleaning appointment within a few minutes as well as pay using secure checkout.Affordable pricing – R38 per hourSweepSouth is great value for money. There are no hidden fees. Only pay for time spent cleaning.

Read the lovely story of how a power couple started up this power house, here

Also check out the Frequently Asked Questions by SweepSouth customers here


Happy Cleaning fabulous Moms!



Orientation Day at Gene Louw

November 4, 2016

So suddenly it seems to have happened, when in actuality it’s been in the works for 6 long years. Moms, when I say time flies, then I mean time flies!
Last week was orientation day at Jada’s “big school” in preparation for Grade one in just a few short months.  And although we already received our invitation to the welcoming ceremony during the first half of 2016, I don’t remember feeling quite so overwhelmed back then. At the time October felt like a few YEARS away.
Of cause I’ve been looking forward to the day our daughter starts grade one. In fact, I could not be more proud. What I wasn’t quite prepared for, was being taken under by the enormous wave of emotion – mostly excitement… along with the nagging anxiety and uncertainty that I am beginning to understand comes natural to any mom. Even though I am certain we are raising a courageous young lady, I cannot help but wonder whether we instilled in her a strong enough moral compass? Have we been generous enough in our love for her to ensure she has enough self-love, self-confidence and will not easily succumb to peer pressure and bullying? Have we been too tough. Or perhaps not tough enough? How will she fend for herself on the playground that will literally shape her future. So many questions and emotions. Unfortunately there’s no ‘rewind’  or “do over” button in this thing called parenthood and are we forced to believe we are doing our best as we go along.
Finding the perfect school was no easy feat either. We spent a monumental amount of time researching which schools in the area were best suited for our baby. Because she is still our baby after all, and only the best will do. We needed to be absolutely sure the school we committed to invest the future of our child in, does not only offer of the finest education, culture and sport, but that she will also be happy with her new extended family.


With this in mind, we narrowed our gazillion options down to three and proceeded onto the next round of “the biggest loser.” Whether it was a private institution or not was also not high on our list of importance. Actually, to be truthful,  it didn’t make the list at all. A good foundation was way more important. Firm but loving educators was important. A school invested in the success of our childrens’ future was important. And a school that believes in teaching with compassion was more important to us than anything money can buy.


Fortunately we received affirmation of all these traits by word of mouth for Gene Louw Primary from other moms and dads who already had their kids enrolled there and who was evidently happy with their choice.
This also became apparent to us as we sat in the lovely school hall on orientation day, listening to the headmaster laying down the house rules all the while making us feel welcome. As the school’s choir sang, who has been winning one eisteddfods after another for the last couple of years,  I could feel the anxiety and uncertainty slowly leaving me. When I finally dared to look down at Jada safely nestled between her dad and I, expecting her to be a bundle of nerves, but instead found her smiling, hands tightly clutching the sides of the seat, feet swinging back and forth, her excitement now mirroring mine, I knew that no matter how unsure, I am ready for the next set of challenges motherhood has in store for me.

So to you, my follow moms, also sending off your little ones to big school next year, or the next, or the next…remember, no matter how uncertain, you’re doing a fabulous job!



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How I got the Best Breasts without having to wear a bra

October 10, 2016

With Summer fast approaching, you best believe this fabmom is once again on the prowl for the best looks of the season to make sure us mommies keep up with the trends while at the same time feeling comfortable and confident in our skin and the clothes we wear.

My current interest is leaning toward the off-the-shoulder trend that’s been coming and going for as long as I can remember, and that’s decided to stick around for this season. However, my first thought when looking at the mostly perky breasted women rocking this look, was: how are my child-battered tieties ever going to survive a day without a bra!

Unthinkable. Until the ladies from lingerie letters contacted me to review their Best Breast product.

It didn’t take me long to fall in love with this seemingly  simple, but rather amazing breast lifting tape. I am especially excited for us moms who steer clear from anything that requires us not to wear a bra, because of…well…gravity.

I discovered to my delight that the tape stays on for up to 8 hours and although maybe not practical for everyday mommy duty, is perfect for a night out on the town or the beach.

It is 100% waterproof so can also be applied under your bikini. If you are expecting the usual stick-ons, you’re in for a surprise. Best Breast  provide a transparent, waterproof, hypoallergenic adhesive solution.

Please note: Skin should be clean from any oils, creams, sweat etc and should be applied on dry skin. Do not use on sensitive skin, scars, and incase of pregnancy. It is recommended to apply for no longer than 8 hours and should be removed before sleeping. 

You can get your Best Breast from Lingerieletters right now at only R139.95 for three sets.


Needless to say, after I tried my Best Breast, I felt confident to flaunt my off-the-shoulder dress and show off my instantly perky girls.

Here are a few snaps












Let me know how the Best Breast is working for you.

Bring on Summer!